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You have the power to create a socially responsible future, starting with your career. An inclusive, sustainable global economy depends on corporate responsibility and ethical decision making. The business major with a management concentration emphasizes doing well by doing good. To this end, the major focuses on contemporary themes of business, societal well-being, and public accountability. 

The business management major prepares you to:

  • Be a responsible business leader.
  • Work side-by-side with business leaders to address business, social, and environmental challenges.
  • Be a source of transformative change in any workplace by studying the primacy of the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) in decision making.
  • Integrate sustainability into business practices.
  • Better understand the role, dynamics, and social and environmental impact of organizations.

Hands-On Learning

Learning to lead by example, students majoring in business will also be required to participate in several hands-on learning experiences.

Internship Complete an approved local, domestic, or international internship in a business or social organization.

Global Experience Participate in a Rollins-approved semester abroad or international field study program.

Graduates will enter the workforce with a managerial mindset and leadership skills desired by all varieties of organizations, including business firms, nonprofit organizations, and public-private joint ventures.

Popular Courses

MGT 320 Entrepreneurial and Corporate Finance Finance is the process of using funds to achieve business objectives. Entrepreneurial finance focuses on the needs of new and growing organizations. Corporate finance focuses on mature, on-going organizations. This course introduces theories, concepts and tools for financial planning, analysis, evaluation, and decision-making in for-profit, non-profit, and social enterprises.

MGT 330 Entrepreneurial Marketing This course introduces strategic marketing management, including contemporary marketing theory and practices. The following key concepts and skills are covered: marketing strategy and planning; segmentation, target marketing and positioning; product development and pricing; advertising, promotion and distribution; metrics for measuring marketing performance; brand equity; and writing a marketing plan.

MGT 350 Supply Chain Management Informs the student on the fundamental role supply chain management plays in the global economy, while stimulating critical thinking in the areas of supply chain strategy, planning, and operation

MGT 354 High Performance Organizations High Performance Organizations (HPO) are identified with consistently high levels of profitability, productivity, quality, ROI, customer loyalty (retention), and employee loyalty (retention). Using case studies, students examine the corporate philosophies, enlightened policies, core competencies, and best practices which characterize HPOs.

Business Minor

The business minor can be combined with almost any major to give you a better understanding of the role of business in today’s world as well as career-related skills.

Program Requirements

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