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Ready for Anything

Ready for Anything

“Although the four years of honing my craft taught me the power and grave necessity of art, it’s the other skills I learned—the epic attention to detail, presenting your work to a jury, accepting criticism during critique and hitting the studio hard again the next day—that truly color the work I do now.” — Grace Loescher ’14

Why Study Studio Art at Rollins

In the studio art program at Rollins, you do more than master technique—you explore new creative strategies, practice focused and sustained engagement, and tackle important conceptual and social issues. Each day, you exercise not only your artistic passion, but also skills in communication, problem solving, and strategic thinking.

A major in studio art will prepare you for a broad range of professional endeavors after graduation. With ample opportunities to engage in research and production of advanced studio artwork, you’ll learn skills that are highly sought after by an array of employers—including critical and creative thinking, the ability to interpret different cultures, and the skills to work effectively both individually and collaboratively.

Individualized Instruction You’ll refine skills and techniques under the guidance and mentorship of professional artists in small classroom settings.

Access to Important Collections You’ll have an opportunity to exhibit at Rollins’ nationally recognized museum, the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, and engage with the significant and growing Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art.

A Broad Educational Environment As an artist at Rollins, you’ll draw from an interdisciplinary liberal arts educational experience to create critical and creative work.

Popular Courses

While developing critical and creative thinking, visual literacy, and innovative problem solving, our diverse portfolio of courses address varying thematic content through a variety of media and processes such as painting, drawing, printmaking, digital photography, video, sculpture, and performance.

  • ART 240 Studio Furniture Design Explore the materials, processes, and evaluation of contemporary studio craft furniture design and construction through intensive studio projects.

  • ART 223 Graphic Design Forge a foundation in the concepts and techniques associated with computer-based design, and develop technical skills using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator commercial software applications.

  • ART 310 Introduction to Video Art Examine the medium of digital video with a primary focus on locating video art in contemporary fine arts contexts, and explore basic image capture and editing techniques using industry standard software.

  • ART 391 Screen Printing Create a portfolio based on an overarching concept and craft multi-layered images using drawing fluid, photo emulsion, autographic positives, and photography.

  • ART 350 Contemporary Art and Theory Research and Process Provides a foundational understanding of seminal critical-theory texts in relation to studio art practice, covering themes including Marxist, feminist and post-colonial critique, socially engaged art, and media theory.

Beyond the Classroom

Study Abroad Well-traveled artists make better artists. Elizabeth Shugart ’19’s experience in Iceland led her to develop a series of mixed-media prints that informed both her environmental studies and studio art major capstone projects.

Bonner Leaders Program At Rollins, we’re always nurturing our students’ calls to service, and service through art is no exception. Through this premier service-focused cohort program, Meredith Ewen ’19 created a framework to help guide her social-practice studio-art projects and performative works.

Community Interaction Rollins provides students with the opportunity to experience how what they’re learning can benefit the larger community. Professor Dawn Roe’s Conceptual Documentary Practice course, for example, allows majors and non-majors to produce ethically aware photography projects intended to contribute to current and future conversations within and about our neighboring Hannibal Square community as it faces rapid gentrification.

Major and Minor Requirements

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