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Kathryn P. Sutherland, PhD

Biology Professor

Kathryn Patterson Sutherland

I am a Professor in the Department of Biology at Rollins College and a coral reef ecologist. I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in 2003. I teach General Biology and Marine Biology and Ecology courses. 

My research is centered broadly on the conservation ecology of coral reefs and is focused on understanding coral diseases. In collaboration with Rollins students, I study the ecology of white pox disease of elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) in Florida. 

T. 407.691.1075


Ph.D., Marine Sciences, University of Georgia, 2003    
M.S., Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, University of Georgia, 1997    
B.A., Biological Sciences, Wellesley College, 1994

Academic Positions

Professor | Department of Biology, Rollins College
2017 - present

Coordinator of the Marine Biology Program | Rollins College
2007 - 2010, 2012 - 2013, 2016 - 2018)

Chair of the Department of Biology | Rollins College
2013 - 2016

Associate Professor | Department of Biology, Rollins College
2011 - 2017

Assistant Professor | Department of Biology, Rollins College
2005 - 2011

Post-Doctoral Fellow | Odum School of Ecology and Dept. of Environmental Health Science, University of Georgia
January 2004 - August 2005

Other Professional Experience

Pre-Doctoral Fellow | US Environmental Protection Agency, Science Training in Ecology Program (STEP), Gulf Ecology Division, Gulf Breeze, FL
October 2000 - May 2002

Graduate Research Scientist | Florida Keys Coral Reef Evaluation and Monitoring Project (CREMP).  US Environmental Protection Agency and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Florida Marine Research Institute, Marathon, FL
May 1995 - December 2003

* Rollins College student co-author

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  • BIO388 Marine Biology Laboratory field course
  • BIO344 Biology Journal Club
  • BIO435 Marine Biology Senior Seminar
  • BIO440 Biology Senior Seminar
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