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Hannah Ewing, PhD

Assistant Professor of History

hannah ewing history professor

I have been an Assistant Professor of History at Rollins College since 2014. I earned my Ph.D. at the Ohio State University.

At Rollins, I mostly teach courses on Ancient and Medieval history, with an emphasis on the Mediterranean (including the Islamic world), although I offer a few more modern courses as well. I also contribute courses to the General Education, Classical Studies, Middle Eastern and North African Studies, and International Relations programs. Teaching is my academic priority; in 2017, I won an Outstanding Faculty Award from the Rollins Student Government Association. On campus, I also advise students, served as an R-Compass Advising Mentor to other faculty, have served on the Student Life Committee, co-chaired the Scholarship for High Impact Practices grant program, am a member of the Classical Studies Program steering committee, and serve as the Rollins chapter advisor to Phi Alpha Theta, the history honor society.

In my research, I study culture, religion, religious administration, and intellectual history; most particularly, I work on middle Byzantine history and literature (roughly 10th-12th centuries). My current research interests include the twelfth century, monasticism and monastic reform, female abbots, hagiography, and bishops.

T. 407-646-2461

Associate Professor | Rollins College
2020 - Present
Classical Studies (CLS), Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MENA), and International Relations (IR)

Assistant Professor | Rollins College
2014 - 2020

Editorial Assistant | The Journal of Early Christian Studies
2012 - 2014     

Graduate Teaching Associate | The Ohio State University
2009 - 2014

Graduate Research Associate | The Ohio State University

“Translation and Evolution: Byzantine Monastic Studies since ca. 1990.” Religion Compass 12.1-2 (Jan.-Feb. 2018): 10.1111/rec3.12259

 “Occupying and Transcending a Provincial See: The Career of Euthymios Malakes.” Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 42.1 (Apr. 2018): 58-78.

Review of Brenda Llewellyn Ihssen, John Moschos' Spiritual Meadow (Ashgate, 2014), Church History 85:4 (Dec. 2016): 825-827.

I have presented research at national, international, and regional conferences across North America. I currently have additional projects underway on Ioannes Tzetzes, community engagement teaching, female monastic leadership, and comparative models of monastic reform across East and West.

History Department

  • HIS 113: Early Modern Europe, ca. 1450 to 1789
  • HIS 120: Decade of Decision
    • The Black Death (1340s)
    • Caesar's Rome (50s BCE)
  • World War I (1910s)
  • HIS 125 (formerly 130): History of a City
    • Ancient Athens, ca. 800 to 300 BCE
    • Istanbul (Was Constantinople), ca. 300 to today
  • HIS 230 (formerly 202): Researching European History
  • HIS 214F: Panhellenic Greece (a 10-day field study in Greece)
  • HIS 265M: All Greeks? Identity in Ancient Greece (intersession)
  • HIS 295: World War I in Film (intersession)
  • HIS 332: The Crusades
  • HIS 337: Law and Order in the Medieval World
  • HIS 374: The Dark Ages? Europe and the Middle East, ca. 300-800
  • Independent studies, including honors theses and Ancient Greek.

General Education Programs:

  • RCC 100: Rollins College Conference
    • It's the End of the World as We Know It: From Revelation to Y2K
    • Ottoman History/Mysteries
  • rFLA 100C: Barbarians at the Gates (in both Community Engagement and regular formats)
  • MM 200C: Travel in the Premodern World
  • CLP 102: Making Any Major Marketable

Byzantine Studies Association of North America
Member of Governing Board for 2017 - 2021
Secretary, 2018 - present
Medieval Academy of America
Phi Alpha Theta, History Honor Society
Advisor to Alpha-Eta-Nu chapter, 2016 - 2020