2011-2012 Video Gallery

The New Animated Magazine

Initiated by President Hamilton in 1925, the Animated Magazine is a collection of speakers and thought leaders that converge to discuss pressing issues and provide alternative perspective on some of the world's most current topics.

This season's Animated Magazine was 'edited' by two-time U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins.

Sylvia Earle, Sustainable Seas: The Vision and the Reality

Dr. Earle shared with a packed audience the status of the world's oceans and answered questions about the role humans have played or can play in that history.

Feminist Forum, Still Moving That Mountain: Feminism, Past and Future

A series of panel discussions with Gloria Steinem, former Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder and 12 leading representatives from Veteran Feminists of America (VFA), the Rollins Feminist Forum presents a conversation between longtime feminist activists and Rollins students who’ll discuss the movement’s past, present and future.

Making A Difference: An Evening with Dr. Jane Goodall

In her speech, Making a Difference, Dr. Jane Goodall brought her audience into the world of the Gombe chimpanzees, from her early observations and experiences to the latest news and stories from the field. She also discussed the current threats facing the planet and her reasons for hope in these complex times, encouraging everyone to do their part to make a positive difference each and every day.

Porter Goss—Former Congressman and Director of the CIA

Timely Intelligence Matters: Taking on National Security Challenges of the Global Century discusses Goss' thoughts on current global affairs through the unique lens of his experience as an overseas agent handler, a legislator with primary oversight responsibility for Intelligence in the US House of Representatives and the President's Daily Briefer as CIA Director.

Guerrilla Girls On Tour!

Feminists Are Funny. A collection of skits, songs, posters and parodies addressing women's issues—the herstory/history of being female in a patriarchal world. Guerrilla Girls on Tour! is a New York City-based touring theater company that creates original comedies celebrating women and their history—past, present and future. Their mission is to educate via performances, workshops, gallery exhibits, master classes.

Patricia Schroeder and Gloria Steinem

Our Journey to Equality

David Shi, President Emeritus Furman University; Historian and Cultural Commentator

Dr. David Shi shared his insights about the supposed revival of frugality and simplicity prompted by the Great Recession of the last three years.

Gloria Steinem, Writer, Lecturer, Editor, and Feminist Activist

Women Today, An Evening With Gloria Steinem. Writer and feminist organizer Gloria Steinem offers insight on what the women's movement should prioritize today in order to effectively transform tomorrow.