2009-2010 Video Gallery

The Arts and Social Responsibility: A Symposium

Gathering these three influential writers under the heading of this symposium can only result in a spirited discussion of the role of the artist in critiquing, shaping, and, indeed, creating contemporary culture.

Jules Feiffer, Pulitzer-Prize winning Cartoonist, Novelist, Playwright, Screenwriter

For more than fifty years cartoonist, playwright, screenwriter adn children's book author & illustrator Jules Feiffer has turned contemporary urban anxiety into witty and revealing commentary. From his Village Voice editorial cartoons to his plays and screenplays, including Little Murders and Carnal Knowledge, Feiffer's satirical outlook has helped define us politically, sexually, and socially.

William Greider, National Affairs Correspondent

Greider's most recent book is The Soul of Capitalism: Opening Paths to A Moral Economy. In it, he untangles the systemic mysteries of American capitalism, details its destructive collisions with society and demonstrates how people can achieve decisive influence to reform the system's structure and operating values.

Jaron Lanier, Computer Scientist, Composer, Visual Artist, Author

You Are Not A Gadget, A Manifesto

Thane Maynard '76, Director of Cincinnati Zoo

Hope For Animals and Their World. In his personal life and in his role as director of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Maynard strives to tell the story of biological diversity, natural history, and wildlife conservation to the general public.

Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal Theater Critic and Author

Terry Teachout will discuss his new book Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong, illuminating the life of one of America's best-loved music legends. As an added bonus, a jazz combo in the style of Louis Armstrong's Hot Seven will interact with Mr. Teachout throughout the presentation and demonstrate the musical prowess behind this talented and complex man.

Alejandro Toledo, Former President of Peru and Political Activist

As he began his lecture, Toledo called for aid for his native region. Entrepreneurs were encouraged to invest in poverty reduction and expand their business ventures into the continent to provide jobs for the 40 percent of Latin Americans living below the poverty line. According to Toledo, this alone is not enough. Social policies must be passed along with economic growth. Toledo reminded the audience that not everyone has the opportunity to get a quality education as we do at Rollins.

Slavoj Zizek, Philosopher and Cultural Critic

Zizek and Film: A Theorist's Commentary and Is There an Ethics of Psycho-Analysis?

Zizek, renowned for his thoughts on philosophy, politics, cinema, and current culture, deliberated on such issues as political correctness, eliminating prejudices, and religion in his discussions.