2008-2009 Video Gallery

Billy Collins reads from Ballistics

Billy Collins former U.S. Poet Laureate (2001-2003) will read from Ballistics, his latest collection.

Billy Collins: A conversation about his literary influence

"Literary Influence: An Inconvenient Truth," a conversation about his poetic influence.

Billy Collins: A poet's discussion on poetry

"The Love of Strangers and the Other Aims of Poetry," a poet's discussion on poetry.

Martin Eidelberg, Tiffany and American Arts Craft Movement scholar

A New Light on Tiffany: Clara Dirscoll and the Tiffany Girls.

Natalie Krasnostein, Writer, Performer, Psychodramatist, and Workshop Facilitator

In God’s Bedroom is a one woman, one-God show about a passionate relationship between God - portrayed as a woman who is lonely and wants to be loved, and David - poet, warrior, alpha male, charismatic political leader, King.

William Pressly, Art Historian

Rollins students filled the Cornell Fine Arts Museum February 16 in anticipation of an exploration led by renowned art historian William Pressly. The author of many books, including several on the Irish artist James Barry, Pressly focused his discussion on themes from his most recent book, The Artist as Original Genius: Shakespeare’s ‘Fine Frenzy’ in Late Eighteenth-Century British Art.

Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal Theater Critic and Author

Rollins’ Winter Park Institute hosted The Wall Street Journal theater critic and author Terry Teachout as he presented “Confessions of a Critic.”

Dr. Linda Wagner-Martin

Dr. Wagner-Martin, author or editor of more than 50 books on 20th Century writers, discusses post 9-11 novels: Andre Dubus III's The Garden of Last Days, Ellen Gilchrist's A Dangerous Age, Don DeLillo's Falling Man, Susan Choi's A Person of Interest and Joseph O'Neill's Netherland.