Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff


Women's Studies Coordinator, Fall 2012 - Spring 2014

Dr. Kimberly Dennis

Phone: 407.691.1093

Email: KDennis@Rollins.edu

Office: CFAC 121C


Current Teaching Faculty

Dr. Margaret McLaren

Professor of Philosphy and Womens Studies


Dr. Michelle Stecker

Director of Lucy Cross Center, Professor of Women's Studies and History


Dr. Claire Strom

Professor of History


Dr. Rachel Newcomb

Professor of Anthropology 


Dr. L. Ryan Musgrave

Professor of Philosophy


Dr. Chris Skelley

Professor of Economics


Dr. Amy McClure

Visiting Professor of Sociology



Dr. Tonia Warnecke

Assistant Professor of International Business and Research Associate of the China Center at Rollins College

Faculty Research

Dr. Claire Strom teaches classes for Women's Studies that examine sex and gender in a historical context.  These include American Women's History and the History of American Sexuality.  Her recent research has been on sex and history.  Florida Historical Quarterly published her article, "Controlling Venereal Disease in Orlando During World War II" in the summer of 2012.

Dr. Warnecke is an economist specializing in the gender dimensions of development, particularly labor, finance, and social policy.  She teaches Globalization and Gender, a Women's Studies elective course.  Dr. Warnecke's recent research focuses on female entrepreneurship in Asia and the way policies and programs can support decent employment for women. 


Faculty Members: Are you interested in teaching a Women's Studies course? Click here for more information on criteria for approval and instructions on how to cross-list.


Dr. Kimberly Dennis

Women's Studies Coordinator,

Fall 2012 - Spring 2014

Phone: 407.691.1093

Email: KDennis@Rollins.edu

Office: CFAC 121C