Rollins Celebrates 125 Years of Poetry at the College

A celebration for the publication of the Rollins Book of Verse will take place Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. at the Rollins College Faculty Club.

Book of Verse Authors will read their own poems in the anthology, and a few surprise guests will present some of the other work. A reception with canapés and fruit will follow the readings.

The college community and the whole of Winter Park are invited to join us in the celebration.

For the past century and a quarter the history of Rollins has been the history of American poetry, and the anthology celebrates that long tradition, featuring poems by a diverse band of writers, all with connections to the college, including three Nobel Prize winners and several Pulitzer winning writers.  Also represented in the anthology are poet laureates, Rollins College presidents, faculty, and staff, friends of the college, visitors to Winter With the Writers, and alumni.

Each year the Winter With the Writers Festival of the Literary Arts introduces anew chapter in Rollins’ long tradition of literary excellence—fiction, poetry, and drama.  This year we begin the festival season with a sampling of the poetry that has come before. 

The 2011 festival season begins the next week with a master class and reading January 20 by prize-winning novelist and short story writer, Jim Shepard. Go to the WWW home page to check times and venues for this and other festival events.