Master Classes
Master Classes







Five master classes occur each festival season, and the community is welcome to come and listen in. The format for the classes varies with each author deciding what elements of writing to address and how to address them, and Rollins students are schooled in the possible responses to their work. Imagine the thrill for undergraduate poets and undergraduate short story writers to have nationally and internationally known masters spend time with their work. Imagine, instead, hearing a National Book Award winner or the poet laureate speak extemporaneously about the art and craft of fiction or poetry. How does an early draft reach beyond its original potential? Can you know when a story is finished?

Master classes offer Rollins students and the often-large audience the opportunity to hear a secret now and then about the creative process.

Whenever the format for the class is a workshop, you have the opportunity to read the work beforehand. Poems and stories will be posted here in January and February.


N. Scott Momaday

Thursday February 7, 2013
4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Master Class. 330 W. Park Plaza

Ana Suarez - Animorality

Sophie Juppilat - The Crow and the Cross

Leah Sandler - The Guest

Joseph Pickert - Abridgments

Cory Caplinger - The Paradox of Night

Carolina Woodruff - A Dream of Reoccurring Horrors

Christopher Posey - Beyond the Grave

Randi Cruz - Bedtime Stories


Karen Russell

Thursday February 14, 2013
4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Master Class. 330 W. Park Plaza

Sophie Jupillat – Pygmalion (short story excerpt)

Tessa Argucia

Ana Suarez – Terrace Cherries

Ryan Favata – Connecticut Casual

Jonathan Pamplin – Final Log Entry: Dr. A.F. Gunka, Head of The Lotus Project

Ashley Alliano – Enough to Make the Angels Weep

Caroline Dehart – Shelved Dolls An Excerpt

Ashley Malans – The Prodigal Daughter


Ricardo Pau-Llosa

Thursday February 21, 2013
2 p.m. Master Class. Woolson House

Ryan Favata – A School Day

Lauren Markow – Frequently Forgetting

Leah Sandler – Little Spic, Little Gringa

Cory Caplinger – Afterthought / Au Voyage

Amanda Miley – Coffee Stains

Melvin Thompson – Uno Mas

Darshneel Rajguru – My Love Story

Christopher Posey – A Door in Dark Places (excerpt)


Mayra Santos-Febres

Thursday February 21, 2013
4 p.m. Master Class. Woolson House

Isabella Beham – How Curly Found a Lifelong Friend (excerpt)

Tommi-Ann Pritchett – Izzy Green (excerpt)

Jonathan Pamplin – Parable of the Crossing Paths

Joseph Pickert – Nelson County, Virginia, After the War

Melvin Thompson – Say So You

Maria Teresa Agurcia

Ashley Alliano – The Solitary Iris

Carolina Woodruff – Fire


Azar Nafisi

Thursday February 28, 2013
4 p.m. Master Class. Galloway Room

Caroline Dehart - Graduation

Lauren Markow - Prayer

Randi Cruz - Home

Tommi-Ann Pritchett - Angel Calling

Darshneel Rajguru - Took Me a While

Amanda Miley - Cousins

Ashley Malans - Living Doll

Isabella Beham - Playing Somone Else's Game