Health Insurance

Health Insurance

All full-time undergraduate students are required to be covered by a comprehensive insurance plan. Students have the option of purchasing a student plan through an insurance company contracted to work specifically with Rollins students. Students may elect to waive this insurance by providing proof of existing insurance coverage. Please consider this option carefully, as some insurance companies do not cover out of network (out of state) expenditures. Most specialists in Florida do not accept out-of-state insurance as payment and may require payment at the time services are rendered. It will become the insured's responsibility to file for reimbursement.

The student insurance provides coverage for a 12 month period, usually August to August. All full-time Rollins College undergraduates are eligible to use the Wellness Center for medical services on campus. The office visit is at no charge. Charges are incurred for certain physical exams, laboratory testing, immunizations, etc. These charges can be paid with cash, check, or be billed on the student's Rollins card (R-Card). The student receives a walkout statement to file with insurance and any insurance reimbursement goes directly to the insured.

Information pertaining to the Rollins College student plan is available at The Wellness Center by calling 407-646-2235 or by contacting the Collegiate Risk Management Insurance Agent at 800-922-3420.

Student Insurance Information

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