Health Services

All currently enrolled Rollins students are eligible to receive care at the Rollins Wellness Center.

Fees for Service

Office visits are at no charge.

Certain Physical Exams, Laboratory Services, Immunization Clinics, Medical Supplies and Equipment, etc., have fees for service.


Fully coded billing statements can be provided to those students who do not carry the Student Health Insurance to be used for filing with outside health insurance plans.

Students can pay for charges at the time of service with TARS Buc$, check or cash, or bill home through their Rollins bursar account.


Notes to Professors

It is against the policy of the Rollins Wellness Center to issue excuses for missed classes.  Should your professor require verbal disclosure of information regarding an illness for which you were evaluated or the time of an appointment, you will need to sign a release of information form at the Wellness Center.


Class Attendance Policy

It is the responsibility of the faculty to publish attendance policies for their courses in the course syllabus. If a distinction is made between "excused" absences and "unexcused" absences, it must be conveyed in the attendance policy. At the instructor's discretion, a student's grade may be lowered for failure to comply with the attendance policy. If the students feels s/he must be absent from class for any reason, it is the student's responsibility to confer with the faculty member to determine whether the absence is to be considered "excused" or "unexcused" as defined by the attendance policies. The Office of the Dean of Students will communicate when students must be absent from campus for hospitalization, family emergencies, or similar contingencies. Students will be responsible for all work missed.

Wellness entrance

Rollins Wellness Center

118 West Fairbanks Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

Health Services: 407-646-2235

CAPS:  407-628-6340

Fax:  407-628-6350