Our services are offered free of charge to all currently enrolled students.



If you are worried about a friend who may need help, or if you are a parent worried about your child who is a student at Rollins, we will consult with you on how you might support your friend or family member, and, if necessary or advisable, how to try to make a referral to our office or another provider. The rules of confidentiality will apply. 

Making a Referral to CAPS

There are a number of ways you can make a referral should you believe a student would benefit from talking with a counselor:

  • Tell the student what you know about services at CAPS:
    • Counseling is free and available to all currently enrolled Rollins students
    • Sessions are confidential
    • Counselors are available to discuss any issue and/or provide referrals to other professionals in the community
  • Suggest that the student take a look at our website for information.
  • If the student is hesitant, offer to make the call with the student to set up an appointment.  The student will be required to agree to the appointment and provide contact information to our administrative assistant.
  • Offer to walk in with the student at the time of his or her appointment.
  • If you have ever benefited from talking with a counselor and are comfortable with such self-disclosure, share you experience with the student.
  • It may also be helpful to provide the student with the CAPS contact number (407-628-6340) and let them know that we are located in the Rollins Wellness Center at 118 W. Fairbanks Avenue.

If you believe the situation is urgent:

  • Suggest that the student accompany you to our office -- no appointment is necessary in an emergency.
  • Follow up with the student and suggest alternative treatment in the community if they are reluctant to seek services at CAPS.  See our Resources section for further information.
  • Call to consult with one of our counselors at 407-628-6340 or visit us at the CAPS office at the Rollins Wellness Center.


Off-Campus Referrals

Students may prefer to seek counseling services off–campus or require services outside the scope of what we offer at CAPS. We can provide you with more information regarding your options and assist you in finding a provider who accepts your health insurance plan. If you would like assistance with a referral to an outside mental health provider, agency, or treatment program, please call our office at 407-628-6340 or schedule a consultation appointment with a counselor.




Rollins Wellness Center

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Health Services: 407-646-2235

CAPS:  407-628-6340

Fax:  407-628-6350