Rollins Traditions

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Last spring (2012), the Traditions Committee of Rollins Cares launched a "Living Time Capsule" project intended to help document the amazing history of Rollins. All members of the Rollins community were invited to participate in digital story booths that captured their Rollins story---thoughts, favorite Rollins experiences and ideas for the future of the College.

Along with sharing insights, the campus community was invited to submit items or artifacts (click here for suggested items)  to the time capsule. In addition to the compilation of digital stories and artifacts, J.D. Casto '11 and Cecil Mack HH'08, '11 produced a short film, "The Rollins Story" a retrospective of the College's 127 year history that is included in the time capsule vessel. 

On Friday, March 22, 2013, as part of Reunion weekend, the Rollins Story time capsule was dedicated in Tars Plaza.

What is a Living Time Capsule? (Here's a peek of what was included in this project)

The digital era allows us to connect and communicate in a unique way. As part of this project, community members were  asked to share their thoughts about life 25 years from now. The video clip is a sample of what types of stories were shared.  The Rollins Story project allowed us to create an archive that is relevant, personable, and meaningful to the past, present, and future Rollins community. As part of the College's 150th anniversary in 2035, the time capsule will be opened and then every 25 years following on Founder's Day it will be re-opened to allow Rollins students, alumni, and community members to be part of the legacy and tradition. It will also allow the College to update the technological needs to ensure future generations will be able to view, listen, and experience the contents. In addition, each 25 years community members will be able to add new contents, listen to the voices of students, alumni, faculty, and staff, and have a link from the past to present day on campus. The hope is that alumni will be able to come back to campus and reminisce about their College experience and hear their own student voices.