Scholarship for High-Impact Practices (SHIP)

Biology Field StudyScholarship for High-Impact Practices (SHIP) grants are designed to allow students to pursue highly impactful educational opportunities that are not funded through other areas of the college. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, funds available, and the applicability to recognized high-impact practices (HIPs).

Examples of HIPs include

  • Community and service-based learning
  • Living-Learning Communities
  • Student research
  • Internships
  • Diversity and global learning

How to Apply:

International Business Field StudyTo apply, please complete and return this application to Penelope Strater ( by October 22, 2013; November 12, 2013; February 11, 2014; or April 8, 2014 for committee review.

Keep in mind that proposals are reviewed by the Student Life Committee on a rolling basis at its monthly meeting, so you should apply well in advance of any travel (see dates above) to ensure that your application is considered. Stipulations for funding are laid out more fully in the application; if you have further questions, please contact Penelope Strater at or 407-646-2185.

Applications must be typed, hand-written applications will be returned and asked to be resubmitted.