Pinehurst Cottage

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Pinehurst is the only remaining structure from the College’s founding days. One of two original campus buildings, Pinehurst survived a fire in 1909 which destroyed the building next to it, Knowles I, and badly scorched its exterior.

Pinehurst was dedicated one week after Knowles Hall was completed. At the dedication of Knowles, Frederick Lyman read a message from Frances B. Knowles, donor of the building, which stated that he would also agree to build a dining hall and kitchen for the newly established college if the funds could be raised to furnish Pinehurst. Within 15 minutes, the money was collected from community members in the audience. A week later, the women of the College moved into their new quarters which they fondly named “Pinehurst Cottage.”

Although originally a women’s residence hall, Pinehurst has had a number of different uses over the years. It has been a men’s dormitory, a co-ed dormitory, the home of President Ward, a library, chemistry lab, infirmary and classroom. Pinehurst indeed serves as a tangible example of the College’s long history.

In November 1985, during the College’s Centennial celebration, Pinehurst received Winter Park’s Historic Preservation Commission’s Historic Landmark award.  Necessary renovations to the interior and exterior were initiated to recreate the building’s original appearance. Today, Pinehurst is a co-ed residence hall that houses a special-interest group which promotes academic fulfillment outside the classroom.