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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Priscilla L. Parker?

Priscilla L. Parker was a graduate of Rollins College, class of 1942. As a Theatre major at Rollins, she was featured in many productions and shared the stage with the famous actor Fred Stone. As an alumna, she took pleasure in meeting Theatre students and attending their performances in the Annie Russell Theatre. Ms. Parker was a successful radio talk-show host in Tampa, Florida, and interviewed such luminaries as Mel Tormé, Eddie Cantor and Bela Lugosi. She endowed the Priscilla L. Parker Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance for Rollins Theatre majors.

What is the Priscilla L. Parker Scholarship?

The Priscilla L. Parker Scholarships are awarded annually to new students (freshmen and transfers) and are based on talent and academic and professional potential.

What are they size of the awards?

Awards up to $40,000 each (up to $10,000 per year for up to four years) are available to students majoring in Theatre with an emphasis in Performance or Design/Technical Theatre. Awards are renewable annually; a minimum 3.0 grade-point average and demonstrated commitment to theatre are required.  How do I apply?

Consult the Priscilla L. Parker 2014 Information Sheet located in the Priscilla Parker Package for further information.

To apply, please fill out the Priscilla L. Parker Application Form also located in the Priscilla Parker Package.

What is the audition process?

On-campus scholarship auditions are held annually. Consult the Priscilla L. Parker 2014 Information Sheet in the Prisiclla Schoarship 2014 Packet for specific details. Videotaped auditions are accepted, but applicants are strongly urged to attend the on-campus auditions. The on-campus audition process allows applicants to get to know Rollins in general and the Department of Theatre and Dance in particular. Applicants meet for mini classes, lunch with current students, dinner with faculty and Theatre students, and a question and answer session with the Director of Theatre, attend Main Stage and Second Stage productions, and meet formally and informally with current Theatre majors. All on-campus applicants are interviewed by the full Theatre and Dance faculty during the on-campus audition weekend. A detailed itinerary for the on-campus audition weekend is provided to applicants after the required paperwork is received.

What type of pieces should I prepare for the audition?

Applicants should prepare two contrasting monologues totaling 3 minutes.

Do I have to sing or dance?

Applicants are urged to sing and/or dance if these are strengths. Dancers should bring clothes in which they can move comfortably. Singers should bring sheet music. An accompanist is provided at the auditions.

If I am primarily interested in Design and/or Technical Theatre, do I have to audition?

In a word, no. Design and tech theatre applicants should audition only if they have experience in and continued interest in performance. Design/Technical Theatre applicants are required to prepare and present a current resume and a portfolio of recent work. Like performance applicants, all on-campus Design/Technical Theatre applicants are interviewed by the full Theatre and Dance faculty during the audition weekend.

On the application it reads “Attach a writing sample and a resume of your theatrical experience.” What is the Committee looking for?

The Committee is looking for evidence of strong, clear writing and the ability to conduct research. There is no need to write a paper for this application; you should choose one of your best research papers from high school (or college, if you are a transfer student). The topic of the paper may be theatre-related but this is not required. The paper should be a minimum of five (5) pages in length, double spaced. MLA citations should be followed.

Your resume' should list your “credits,” i.e., the roles you’ve performed onstage and the jobs you’ve performed backstage, at school and elsewhere. It should also list your theatre-related training.

How do I get more information about Rollins College?

To receive an Admissions package call 407-646-2161 or visit the Rollins College website for online forms and information at

How do I get more information about the Department of Theatre and Dance and the Priscilla L. Parker Auditions?

Call Blair Johnson, the scholarship coordinator at 407-646-2501 or e-mail her

Application & Information Sheet

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Priscilla L. Parker Full Packet

For further information or assistance with the application process, please call or write:

Priscilla L. Parker Scholarship Committee
Rollins College
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