Department of Theatre & Dance

Rollins DanceMission Statement

The Rollins College Department of Theatre and Dance provides for the development of imaginative, purposeful, and skilled expression in the theatre, and for students' artistic, intellectual, and personal growth.

Graduates of the program are prepared to enrich and transform the communities in which they live, work, and serve.

Value Statement

The Department values classroom study and all aspects of theatrical production as components of equal and complementary worth.

The Department values a healthy environment that is individualized and collaborative, and fosters diversity, inclusion, and civility.

Department Handbook

A Message From Our Department

Welcome to the Rollins Department of Theater and Dance!

Our faculty and staff work hard to offer a well-integrated, inspiring course of study and a challenging production experience for our students. Our mission is to encourage the development of imaginative, purposeful and skilled artists and to foster our students’ artistic, intellectual and personal growth. At Rollins you will recive…

INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION: Rollins is a small liberal arts college. This environment allows extraordinary flexibility and affords the opportunity to respond quickly and specifically to your needs. Small classes and one-on-one advising further ensure that each student's development is fully and powerfully addressed.

AN EXCEPTIONAL AND EXPERIENCED FACULTY: Seven full-time faculty members and three artists-in residence make up a diverse and dynamic team of committed educators and artists. Each faculty member is an expert in his or her specific area as well as a respected member of the professional theatre community.

RIGOROUS SKILL TRAINING: The Theatre and Dance programs couple rigorous studio class work with frequent performance opportunities. Students move through a carefully crafted sequence of studio experiences in order to hone skills and develop habits of discipline to support these skills.

Original Annie Theatre Interior

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MULTIPLE PERFORMANCE/DESIGN OPPORTUNITIES: Each year we stage four major productions on the Annie Russell stage as well as an annual Dance Concert. Rollins Dancers also holds their dance concert called “Attitudes” in the Annie each fall. In addition we stage three second stage shows in the Fred Stone Theater. These plays are all student directed and designed. We also have a sixteen member Improvisational Theater Troupe called RIP (Rollins Improv Players) that performs across the campus throughout the year. If that isn’t enough our directing students are always looking for actors!

A BALANCED CURRICULUM: Studio work, extensive rehearsal, and performance experience complement a core of academic courses in theatre and dance history, dramatic literature and criticism, technical theater and theatrical design. After completing this core curriculum students may concentrate in Performance, Musical Theater, Dramaturgy, Design/Technology, Directing, or Theater Studies. Students may also Minor in Dance.

COMMUNITY: Our students, faculty and staff work together every day to support each other both on and off the stage. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company and we’re proud of what we accomplish. We know theater artists can transform their communities and this is what we aim to do. We hope you’ll join us!

Please feel free to call or visit if you have any questions. See you in the footlights!