Dramaturgy Concentration


THE 341 (in the Core)

THE 342 (in the Core)

Must take one (1)

  • THE 328 Playwrightng
  • THE 343 Dramatic Theory and Criticism

Must take one (1)

  • ENG 312 Studies in Shakespeare
  • ENG 319 Studies in 20th Century British Literature
  • ENG 375 The Critics Role: Review Writing

Must take two (2)

  • THE 241 Classical Theater
  • THE 260 Feminist Theater
  • THE295 History of American Theater
  • THE 360: Forbidden Acts: The Queer Aesthetic in 20th century Theater and Film

THE 480 Senior Capstone

What is Dramaturgy?

Dramaturgy is a branch of the theatrical arts which involves bringing productions to life on the stage. The role of a dramaturg in a production can be quite varied, they can work with playwrights on new scripts, they can work with directors and designers on historical accuracy and they can provide research for character development to actors. The study of dramaturgy also includes the study of the history of theater. An experienced dramaturg is familiar with the history of the theatrical tradition, often in many cultures, and he or she can put historical plays into context. Many dramaturgs have an interest in playwriting and developing new scripts.

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