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From the Director

Robert Sherry

Like all liberal arts, dance teaches life skills that will benefit the student later in life, regardless of the vocation selected. Dance teaches self-discipline, respect, dedication and determination. Plato once wrote, "to sing and dance well is to be well educated." He considered the uneducated man achoreutos or danceless; the educated one, kechoreukos, endowed with dance. It is our mission to endow our students with dance.

W. Robert Sherry

Director of Dance

 For a full list of dance courses, please visit the Rollins Course Catalogue.

Dance Course Offerings

DAN 170 Ballet I: Introduces fundamental concepts and historical background. Presents positions and barre exercises to build correct alignment, flexibility, strength, coordination, and ballet vocabulary.

DAN 175 Tap:Introduces fundamental concepts and historical background. Covers basic time steps, waltz clog, triplets, shim-sham, buffalo, cramp roll, and soft-shoe, along with tap vocabulary.

DAN 177 Jazz I: Introduces fundamental concepts and historical background. Works in studio on body placement and alignment through highly-structured classical jazz warm-up (LUIGI). Values clarity and quality of movement, rhythm, style, and use of dynamics.

DAN 179 Modern Dance I: Introduces fundamental concepts and historical background. Focuses on style, phrasing, mood projection, and changing dynamics.

DAN 200 Dance in America: Studies relationships of choreographers, critics, and performers to historical trends in the art form. Links dance to contemporary political and social issues.

DAN 203 Dance History: Follows evolution of Western concert dance from primitive times to late 20 th century: dance in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome; Ballet Comique; Opéra Ballet;Ballet d'Action; and romantic ballet.

DAN 210 Dances of Other Cultures: Explores various regional and ethnic dances with a focus on non-Western dance as an expression of cuture.  Participation in selected will be augmented by lecture and film.

DAN 220 Women Leaders in American Modern Dance: Transcending from Sylph to Heroine:  Examines the women who led the modern dance movement from 1900 to present.  Focuses on choreographic works and politics surrounding the development of modern dance in America through its leaders -- Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, Doris Humphery, Martha Graham, Catherine Dunham, and Twyla Tharp.

DAN 270 Ballet II: Drills pirouettes and longer and more complex "adages" and "allegros." Completes ballet theory and essentials of technique. Prerequisite: DAN 170 or consent.

DAN 275 Tap Dance II: Explores technique on an intermediate level, including all time steps (buck, soft-shoe, traveling, wing), Irish-over, Cincinnati, draw-backs, pick-ups, wings, maxiford, and riffs. Stresses speed, accuracy, and performance ability. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite:DAN 175 or consent.

DAN 277 Jazz II: Concentrates studio work on more complicated combinations, changes of direction, and initiation of pirouettes. Includes historical research, critical studies, and vocabulary building. Prerequisite: DAN 177 or consent.

DAN 279 Modern Dance II: Builds on technique and includes history, theory, and vocabulary. Prerequisite: DAN 179 or consent.Dance Class

DAN 300 Dance Composition: Introduces dance composition. Highlights personal invention, solo and group focus, and evaluative process in basic choreography. Includes readings and writings on choreographers and choreography. May be repeated for credit. Intended for dance minors. Prerequisite: DAN 394 or consent.

DAN 380 Studies in Dance: Delves into particular period, choreographer's work, or special issue, depending on interest of students and faculty. May be repeated for credit.

DAN 394 Intermediate/Advanced Dance Technique: Offers heightened movement experience with greater emphasis on technical development and performance. Includes weekly classes in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: consent.

DAN 420 Labanotation: Teaches system of movement notation invented by Rudolph Van Laban and used in dance, sports, science, and other research areas. Does not require knowledge of dance. Consists of lecture, studio work, and movement-recording exercises.

DAN 422 Dance Production: Assigns students to performing or technical/design role in production. Prerequisite: consent.

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