Annie Russell Theatre Fall and Spring Auditions


And the Second Stage/Fred Stone Theatre Series
2014-2015 Season




by Stephen Schwartz, Nina Faso et al



Our Town

by Thornton Wilder



The Vandal

by Hamish Linklater




Working: 14-16 (flexible casting in terms of gender)
Our Town: 17m, 7w (flexible casting in terms of gender)
The Vandal: 2m, 1w


Our Town: Professor Thomas Ouellette

office: 407-646-2157

cell: 321-277-2998 (texts only, please)


Working: Professor Jennifer Cavenaugh

office: 407-691-1268


The Vandal: Rebecca Kleinman ’15




  1. One 60-second contemporary monologue.
  2. One 60-second monologue from an American play written between 1935 and 1965. Students may select material from Our Town, but the director's preference is that actors choose material that evokes the flavor of Our Town—rather than material drawn directly from it.
  3. 16-32 bars of a “story song” displaying range (men) and belt (women) that may be taken from the musical Working.



The Department holds general auditions for all three shows on one night; then, on successive nights, separate callbacks are held for the three individual shows:

General Auditions:         Tuesday 08/26 from 6:00-10:00pm in the Annie Russell Theatre
Working callbacks:         Wednesday 08/27 from 7:00-10:00pm in the Annie Russell Theatre
Our Town callbacks:       Thursday 08/28 from 7:00-10:00pm in the Annie Russell Theatre

Working cast posted:    Friday 08/29 at noon. First rehearsal Friday 8/29 at 7:00pm in the Annie

The Vandal callbacks:    Friday 08/29 from 7:00-9:00PM in the Fred Stone Theatre

Our Town & Vandal casts posted:     Saturday 08/30 at noon.

These dates are subject to change.
Check with the Department of Theatre and Dance for updated information


  • Auditions are by appointment only. A sign-up sheet is posted in mid-August on the backboard in the back hallway of the Department of Theatre and Dance.
  • Students should select pieces that contrast with one another. Students are encouraged to put together a "package" that shows range, versatility, and a familiarity with the plays being produced.
  • For the general auditions, students may elect to act (only); to sing (only); or to act and sing.
  • An accompanist (pianist) will be provided; students should bring their own sheet music (properly edited and in the correct key).
  • Auditions will be strictly timed, and may not exceed three minutes in total, including the song excerpt and monologue(s).
  • All callbacks will consist of readings from the scripts. Digital copies of the scripts are available (free).

For further information regarding scripts contact:

Chelsea Hilend/ Department of Theatre and Dance:



Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I read the plays before the auditions/callbacks?

If at all possible, yes. The more you understand the material, the better you can prepare yourself.

Do the monologues have to be memorized?

No. It's preferable but not required, especially if this is your first audition with us. We do expect upperclassmen and women to display a higher level of preparation.

Will my audition be timed? Will I be asked to stop after I have reached the 3-minute maximum?

Yes. And yes.

Is there a time restriction for the song, too?

Prepare 16-32 bars and time this along with your monologue selection(s). The total length of your material should not exceed the 3-minute maximum noted above.

I only want to sing (or act). Am I compelled to do both?

  No. We encourage everyone to prepare the 2 monologues and 16-32 bars of music but students may opt to sing (only) or act (only). Remember, however, that this is a great opportunity to prepare and present new audition material.

What should I wear?

Audition: Dress up; look nice: first date nice. Wear comfortable clothes in which that you feel good. Some students wear clothes that subtly suggest the kind of character for which they want most to be considered (so if you have your heart set on a specific elegant character, dress accordingly, don't wear sloppy pants and a t-shirt). Avoid sexy, skimpy attire. Avoid flip flops and sandals or high heeled shoes. Be sure that your clothing does not grab undue focus: the directors want to concentrate on and remember you, not your clothes.

Callbacks: this varies according to the director's wishes. Consult the callback sheets for specific instructions.

Where do I show up for the auditions?

Check in with the stage manager(s) at least 15 minutes prior to your audition time, to fill out paperwork. Gather in the Annie Russell Theatre Green Room.

Where are the callbacks held?

Gather in the ART Green Room for the Working and Our Town callbacks and in the Fred Stone Theatre for The Vandal callback.



When do I show up for callbacks?

This varies according to the show and the needs of the individual directors. Consult the callback sheet for specific instructions. Note that some directors stagger the call times: be sure to check what time you are called back.

Do I need to bring sheet music to the audition?


What about a pianist?

An accompanist will be provided.

All of the audition slots have been taken, what do I do?

A list for alternates will be posted after all the regular audition slots are filled. All alternates will be seen: no actor will be turned away.

When will the callback lists be made available?

At noon on Wednesday, 08/27, for all the two Annie Russell Theatre shows and at noon on Friday, 08/29 for the Fred Stone show. Callbacks and cast lists are being staggered to allow Working two important extra days of rehearsal.

When will the final cast lists be made available?

The cast for Working will be posted at noon on Friday, 08/29 to allow the cast to rehearse Friday evening and Saturday. The cast lists for Our Town and The Vandal will be posted by noon on Saturday, 08/30.

When do rehearsals begin for Working?

Friday, 08/29 in the Annie Russell Theatre.

Will there be a Working rehearsal on Labor Day?

This is highly likely.

If I'm called back, how do I prepare for the individual callbacks-and what if I'm called back for more than one show?

Consult the callback list for more information regarding the specific callbacks: generally, "sides" (excerpts from the scripts) are made available in the ART Green Room during the day or days preceding the individual callbacks. Students often receive more than one callback.






by Sophie Treadwell



Guys and Dolls

by Frank Loesser, Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows



Time Stands Still

by Donald Marguiles



T.I.C. (Trenchcoat in Common)

by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb



Make these a part of your summer reading plans if you can!