Take your exam with confidence!

Take your exam with confidence!

Your Test-Taking Competitive Advantage

The Rollins College Center for Lifelong Learning has a mission to help support your goals for higher education and career advancement. One way that we can help to fulfill your academic aspirations is through our test preparation courses for college and graduate school entrance exams, including:

          SAT - College Admissions Standard Aptitude Test

          ACT - College Readiness Assessment Test

          GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test

          GRE – Graduate Record Examination

          LSAT – Law School Admission Test

To say that these exams will define your future success in achieving your educational goals is an understatement. Colleges and Graduate Schools look to standardized test to determine your admission status. Your scores are also used to decide if you qualify for merit-based scholarships, grants, fellowships, and assistantships.

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