Law school is one of the most competitive environments in which you can find yourself. The level of commitment is beyond what you have previously experienced in your academic career. We admire your tenacity.

But first things first. You need to get accepted. The LSAT test preparation course available through Rollins College can help with that.

Controlled under the auspices of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), the LSAT has a reputation for being an intense and complex exam. Its goal is to evaluate your ability to examine written materials and draw accurate conclusions, as well as appraise your problem solving and assessment skills. This is done by testing you on three key measures that are considered essential for success in the legal field:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning

Since the LSAT is administered four times per year, Rollins College schedules our test preparation courses so that you will reach exam day at the peak of your knowledge. The professors for the LSAT teach the fundamentals in an online setting, which is restricted to a small number of students in order to give you the personalized attention you need to succeed. If you’re ready, so are we. Register now for the next sitting.

Live-Online Course

Our intensive LSAT prep program includes 30 hours of classroom instruction from experienced exam preparation professionals. The easy-to-follow program uses proven techniques to simplify the LSAT. Rollin’s LSAT course uses questions from actual LSAT exams, so that you know your preparation is as close to the real test as possible. LSAT textbooks, updated study guides, diagnostic exams, and expert instruction are all included.

  • Proven Strategy: The Live-Online LSAT prep class includes expert instruction, a proven format, course materials, and access to diagnostic exams in one convenient, affordable package.
  • As an added benefit: Each session is recorded and made available to you to view at your convenience. The streaming video will be available to you shortly after the scheduled meeting date and will remain available for 30 days after the session.
  • Materials Included: The Live-Online LSAT prep class includes 20 practice tests. Students receive 2 recent LSAC editions of 10 released LSAT tests and our up-to-date LSAT Course Workbook, designed to supplement the classroom lessons. Materials will be mailed directly to you. We recommend registering at least 4 business days before the first class to ensure adequate time for delivery.
  • System Requirements: The Live-Online LSAT prep class is offered online using Adobe Connect software. All you need is a high speed internet connection and an Adobe Flash Player, which can be downloaded for free.

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    Course will meet online on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 - 10 p.m.

    For available Dates and Times please see options below.

Program Fee: 

    Standard fee $749 per person
    Current Rollins Students and Alumni (undergraduate and graduate) will receive a discounted fee of $599.

   *The course fee includes all course materials and instruction from a trained professional who cares about your success.

Faculty Leaders: 

    Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning uses highly trained test prep instructors. Our experienced instructors have aced the LSAT and care about helping you achieve your goal.


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