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Winter Park Sustainability Workshops - free to members of the Rollins Community.  Saturday dates during the 2014 calendar year - including Florida-Friendly Landscaping, 8 ways to save Energy, Foods to Use from the Garden!

LEED certified buildings on campus

The newly renovated Bush Science Center opened Fall '13! Read about it's transformation during academic year 2012-2013.
Sneak Peek: Inside the Bush Science Center

During the summer of '12, 1/2 of Strong Hall was demolished and rebuilt for student residential housing beginning Fall '12. Strong was also rebuilt using LEED specifications and is considered the first LEED certified bldg on campus.

The second half of Strong Hall was demolished summer '13 and is being rebuilt during the academic year 2013-2014 under LEED specifications set to open fall '14.

The Beal Maltbie Center which houses the Department of Environmental Studies  underwent a LEED renovation during the summer of 2011. 

Stay tuned for the completion with pictures and a description of exactly what gave these buildings their green rating!  See the certification process from the United States Green Building Counsel.
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What will Rollins look like in 5 years?

March 21, 2012 by Laura J. Cole

Inherent in the concept of progress is the certainty of change. In order to ensure the former, Rollins has initiated several major construction projects. Their aim is to enhance a campus long-recognized for its beauty. Yes, this will mean more trees and green space and more buildings reflecting Rollins’ signature Mediterranean-style architecture. But these changes are more than cosmetic: They strive to reflect Rollins’ already robust commitment to engaged learning and responsible living.  More.....


Sustainable Development minor, Rollins CollegeRollins Offers Minor in "Sustainable Development and the Environment"

Rollins offers an interdisciplinary minor in sustainable development and the environment that includes a set of courses that examine the concept of sustainable development in an increasingly global economy. Courses are based on the premise that sustainable development means reconciling the need for economic growth, particularly in developing nations, with the need to protect both natural resources and the quality of life. More...



Be a Part from the Start
August 23 - August 28, 2010

Be a Part from the Start provided a 2-week service-based program to engage the Rollins community in events offering community-building opportunities and lessening our carbon footprints.
Members of the Rollins community were encouraged to use their Rollins aluminum bottles at all of the events involving food or drinks, and only biodegradable plates and silverware will be used.

Events included in the service-based programming included:

  • Pledge opportunity to lower your carbon footprint
  • Garden Party at the Mowbray Sustainability House
  • Volunteer with WAV
  • "No Impact Man" screening
  • Eco-Festival
  • Colin Beavan, author of "No Impact Man", speaks on campus
  • Lake cleanup and invasive cleanup at a park with Colin Beavan
  • Help for the Homeless to the Winter Park Farmer's Market

No Impact Experiment
August 30 - September 5, 2010

To coincide with the RCC reading of Colin Beavan's book, "No Impact Man", the campus conducted a one-week carbon cleanse! 
The experiment gave the campus community a chance to see what a difference no-impact living can have on your quality of life.

The experiment focused on one issue each day which culminated with a debrief on what impact the week made on individuals.
The issues were consumption, trash, transportation, food, energy, and water.


Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day
EcoRollins and the Sustainability Program host an Earth Day celebration that offers many delicious treats, including an organic popcorn bar, and organic mint iced tea. They bring in informational and local vendors, including the Journey's End Animal Sanctuary, Ten Thousand Villages, Bajalia and the Florida School of Holistic Living/Homegrown Coop. WPRK provides the music. And, in honor of Earth Day, Dining Services offers organic and vegetarian meals throughout the week, turned out the lights and offered no to-go containers for the entire day.

Rollins Cares about our students and our community and collaborates with the Earth Day festivities.  Not only could you sign up to receive a Rollins Cares tshirt, but also enjoy an organic trail mix.


America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day is a collaborative effort hosted by EcoRollins, Sustainability Program, ROC, the Department of Environmental Studies and many other organizations and programs on campus.

Themes include sustainability, focusing on reducing and reusing, along with recycling! The booths and activities have included:
  • America Recycles Day t-shirt decorating with non-toxic painted footprints
  • Calculating how big your carbon footprint is
  • Making your own seed bombs
  • Vendors including Homegrown (an Orlando food co-op), Bookworm used bookstore, 10,000 Villages, and Big Wheel Provisions
  • Information booths included the Rollins Bike Club, SPECTRUM, Nourish International and INB Club, sustainable camping with R.O.C.
  • Biodegradable and recycled prizes and give-aways

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Outside classroom at Lake Virginia

Outside classroom at Lake Virginia

Mowbray House garden

The former Mowbray Sustainability House garden

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with students

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with students at the former Mowbray Sustainability House