Your First Semester

Learn more about what to expect from your first semester at Rollins and how we can help!

Learning Together

Rollins believes that a liberal arts education should be practical (applied), that students learn best by doing, and that classes are most impactful when students and faculty learn together.


Living Learning Communities bring first-year students, upper-class mentors, and faculty members together to form a tight-knit, cohesive unit aimed at facilitating a smooth transition to college. One of the greatest challenges facing new college students is becoming part of a new community while also accepting all the responsibilities of independence that come their way. Living Learning Communities increase the academic, social and residential connection among first-year students while fostering independence within a supportive academic residential community. All first-year students take an RCC course, which is an academic seminar that includes added attention to integrating and engaging first-year learning.  All RCC courses are Living Learning Communities including Rex Beach Hall, McKean Hall, Ward Hall, and Strong Hall.  Living Learning Community students will live together in the same residence hall, meet together in that hall to share reading, assignments, presentations, discussions, and other academic endeavors.

LLC Faculty Director

This year the Director of Living Learning Communities is Professor Rachel Simmons, a Rollins alumna ('97) and Professor of Art in the Department of Art and Art History. As Faculty-In-Residence, Simmons is looking forward to getting to know our first year students better as the LLC initiative encourages them to "Imagine the Future" through a series of engaging activities and programs. Professor Simmons, her husband Jason Boyette, a filmmaker and teacher, and their daughter Parker, a blossoming creative genius in her own right, enjoy running, biking, soccer and basketball games and paddle boarding on Lake Virginia. You will see them walking their frisky black Chinese sharpei Hunter along the nature trail on campus. Professor Simmons teaches visual journaling, printmaking and book arts courses along with interdisciplinary courses on the intersection between contemporary art and the environment. She enjoys traveling with her students and colleagues and has led field studies for both to the Galápagos Islands and Antarctica. She is thrilled to be living on campus once again with her fellow Tars!


In addition to taking exploratory courses in Foundations, your first semester at Rollins will include a Rollins College Conference, or RCC. In your RCC, you'll encounter your Peer Mentors who are sophomore, junior, and senior students who will guide you through your transition to Rollins. The RCC is a seminar class in which approximately 16 students meet with a faculty member to explore a topic in the professor's area of expertise. The professors are drawn from the full range of academic disciplines encompassing the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

RCCs are generally not connected to a specific major, so you should feel free to explore a topic that truly interests you.

Below you'll find the RCC courses being offered during Fall 2015. Course descriptions coming soon!

American Exceptionalism or Dysfunctionalism? - Dr. Don Davison

American Political Controversies - Dr. Eren Tatari

Backstage Pass: A Look at the Art & Craft of Theatrical Design and Technical Production - Prof. Kevin Griffin

Bodysnatchers (Honors) - Dr. Emily Russell 

Children's Lives on a Wide Screen: Developing a Global Perspective through Videos - Dr. Jim McLaughlin

Connected: Social Media and Society - Dr. Amy Armenia

Contemporary American Economic Issus (Accelerated Management Program) - Dr. Martina Vidovic

Cultures in Conflict: America at War in Asia - Dr. Bob Moore

Drawing the Landscape - Prof. Rachel Simmons

Dream in Spanish and Unlock the Magic - Prof. Patricia Tome

Environmental Activism - Dr. Mike Gunter

Food, Poverty, Social Justice (Honors Program) - Dr. Todd French

Free Our Food - Dr. Wendy Brandon

German on the Fast Track - Dr. Nancy Decker

Global Fashion - Dr. Mackenzie Moon Ryan

Health and Wellness - Prof. Rich Morris

Intro to 3D Art: Constructing Meaning - Prof. Josh Almond

It's the End of the World as We Know It (Revelation to Y2K) - Dr. Hannah Ewing

Landscapes of Music - Prof. Jamey Ray

Latin America Goes to the Movies (Accelerated Management Program) - Dr. Gabriel Barreneche

Making Movies - Dr. Bill Boles

Media, Culture, and Social Change - Dr. Steve Schoen

Physics of Martial Arts - Dr. Chris Fuse

Profit and Purpose: Building Business Character - Dr. Cecilia McInnis Bowers and Dr. Debra Wellman

Psychology of Film - Dr. Andrew Luchner

Real World Rollins College - Dr. Tricia Zelaya

Re-envisioning the COMmunity through Intergenerational Partnerships: Dr. Anne Stone

Science and Culture of Choclate - Dr. Pedro Bernal

Sex on the Brain - Dr. Bobby Fokidis

Social Justice Math - Dr. Zeynep Teymuroglu

The Joy of Capitalism - Dr. Alan Kupetz

Theater in the Making - Prof. Thomas Ouellette

U.S Drug War in Latin America - Dr. Dexter Boniface

What Ancient Chinese Thought Can Teach Us in Modern American Life - Prof. Li Wei