Frequently Asked Questions

Is my disability information confidential?

Yes. The documentation you provide remains with the Disability Services Director. It is released to campus officials only by a release form from you on a need to know basis.

I am a new student, when should I make an appointment with the Disability Services Director?

After you have attended each of your classes at least once, call the Disability Director, Gail Ridgeway, at 407-646-2354 to make an appointment to review your documentation to determine academic accommodations for each course.

I do not have documentation, where can I get tested for a disability?

This depends on the nature of your disability. If you suspect you have a learning disability or psychiatric disability, you should make an appointment with a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist who performs psychological evaluations. Each state also offers a free service to people with disabilities. If you have a physical disability you should obtain a medical report from your treating physician. This report should state the disability, the impact of the disability, and what, if any, accommodations are necessary. For more detail information on required documentation, see the link “Specific Documentation Guidelines.”

I have documentation from high school, can I use this for Rollins?

Yes, as long as the documentation meets the specific documentation guidelines; evidence of existing disability, background information, relevant tests, states recommended accommodations, and is from an appropriate licensed professional. This information should current and not be more than five years old.

What types of accommodations are available?

Some examples are extended test time, a distraction free room for testing, textbooks in audio format, and single room housing.

What is the exam proctoring procedure?

If a student is approved for extended test time, a distraction free room, and/or the use of a word processor, they are allowed to take their exams at our testing facility. An exam proctoring form must be picked up prior to the exam downloaded from this website. The student must take the form to his/her professor, agree upon the exam time, have the professor sign it, and return it to Disability Services 48 hours before the exam is to be taken. Students will not be permitted to take anything other than the exam and a writing utensil into the testing room without specific instructions from the professor. We are responsible for returning the exam to the professor.