How To Apply:

Rollins College does not have a separate admission process or criteria for students with disabilities; students are admitted through the regular admission process and must be qualified for admission according to the College admission criteria. Documentation is not required at the time of application, but should be sent to the Disability Services Coordinator soon after acceptance and the decision to attend is made.

Students who have turned in appropriate documentation must meet with the Disability Services Coordinator at the beginning of each semester to determine eligibility for accommodations.

Rollins College offers disability services for students attending College of Arts & Sciences, Hamilton Holt School, and Crummer Graduate School of Business.

To get the process started an accepted student will need to fill out their information in our Web-based system.

Appropriate accommodations are provided on an individual basis after:


1. Sending suitable documentation of the disability from a professional to the Coordinator of Disability Services.

  • Eligibility is based on the existence of an identified physical or mental impairment in a disability that substantially limits a major life activity.
  • Comprehensive disability documentation should include the following six components:
    1. Evidence of existing impairment,
    2. Background information (e.g., interview, review of records),
    3. Relevant testing,
    4. Specific diagnosis,
    5. Rule-out of alternative diagnoses or explanations, and
    6. Integrated summary.
  • Professionals conducting assessment, rendering diagnoses of specific disabilities, and making recommendations for appropriate accommodations must be qualified to do so.
  • Students must have appropriate documentation on file with the college before a faculty member should provide any accommodations.
  • Documentation should be current, or no older than 5 years.

2. A face-to-face interview with the student applying for accommodations.

  • Students must meet with the Disability Services Coordinator at the beginning of the semester to determine eligibility for accommodations which will vary from course to course.
  • Classroom accommodations are determined through consultation with the student regarding his/her past success with various accommodations as well as documented needs and the demands of the course.

Faxes can be sent to Gail Ridgeway at: (407) 646-2245

Know Your Rights

Review your rights and responsibilties as a student registered with Disabilities Services.