Program Guidelines

Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program Guidelines

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The purpose of the Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program is to involve Rollins College students in original scholarship in a partnership with a member of the faculty of the College. This is achieved by providing a stipend for both the student and the faculty member during the summer months so that they can pursue scholarly work as partners. It is a student-centered program, and is not designed to merely provide faculty with the opportunity to pursue their research with student assistants. Rather, the intent is to provide students the opportunity to pursue genuine scholarship with faculty collaborators.

By participating in the program students will be partners in scholarship and will materially contribute to achieving the stated goals. Students are expected to understand the research or scholarly activity, contribute physically and intellectually to the project, and participate to an extent such that they are truly partners in the project.

The Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program at Rollins College is designed to include student scholars from any subject area including the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Any person enrolled as a full-time Arts and Sciences student for the academic year preceding and following the summer is eligible to participate in the program. Any continuing faculty member is eligible to participate in the program.
Deadline for proposals is February 27, 2015.