Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Projects

In Spring 2010, 45 students and 24 faculty members were accepted to participate in 30 unique Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program funded projects.


Listing of the 2010 projects:

Polymer-supported Aromatic Thiols as Protein Disaggregation Agents, Ashley Franklin and Erich Blossey, Chemistry.

Analyzing Conflict Resolution Strategies in Children's Narratives about Interpersonal Conflict, Kaitlin Reynolds and Alice Davidson, Psychology.

Evolution of X-ray Point Sources in Isolated Galaxy, Emma Broming and Christopher Fuse, Physics.

Analysis of Satellite Formation During Planetary Ejection, Mary Neville and Christopher Fuse, Physics.

Development of nuclear DNA markers using PCR-RFLP to distinguish between hybridizing seastars, Kristin Kelly and Fiona Harper, Marine Biology.

Can speckle imaging techniques be used for the detection of breast cancer?, Ashley Cannaday, Aditya Mahara, August Brandon and Thomas Moore, Physics.

Analysis of Self-Healing Materials through the use of Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy, Nicholas Bowers and Kenneth Pestka, Physics.


Determination of the elastic constants of SmScO3 and other Rare Earth Scandates through the use of Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy, Eric Scott and Kenneth Pestka, Physics.

Classification of Iron Nickel Meteorites Through the Use of Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy, Dirk de Hann, Cori Warren and Kenneth Pestka, Physics.

Sign Language Training, Tiffany Frizzell and Roger Ray, Psychology.

Subcellular localization and function of the zebrafish Miro proteins, Brittany Hollister and Susan Walsh, Biology.

The Design and Implementation of an Interactive Course-Timetabling System, Anthony Wehrer and Jay Yellen, Mathematics.

It's All Greek to Me: A long form improvisational play, Nicole Bianco, Brian Hatch, Jonathan Keebler, Erik Keevan, Amanda Leakey, Travis Ray, Alexis Riley, Shannon Singley, Chelsea Swearingen, Jaz Zepatos and David Charles, Theater.

Apparent Molar Volumes and Compressibilities of Cyclic Ethers, Justin Walsh and Pedro Bernal, Chemistry.

Service-Learning and Language Instruction: Looking Beyond the S-L Course, Hector Ramos-Flores and Gabriel Barreneche, Modern Languages.

What Price Glory?: A Feminist Critique of the Ziegfeld Follies,
Katie Jones, Katy Polimeno and Jennifer Cavenaugh, Theater.

Remaking Place and Asserting Space: The Land Trust Experience in Winter Park, 1991-2010
, Allison England and Jullian Chambliss, History.

Marion Bernstein and the Glasgow Weekly Mail
, Anne Fertig and Edward Cohen, English.

Assessing School Lunches as a Mediating Factor in Childhood Obesity, Jennifer Collins and Alice Davidson, Psychology.

Weak and Failed States and the Development of Terrorism, Roxana Ramirez and Joan Davison, Political Science.

The Effects of Urbanization and Demographic Change on Political Affiliation and Elections
, Travis Clinger and Richard Foglesong, Political Science.

Mapping Algorithms, David Meyers and Richard James, Computer Science.

Women’s  Involvement in Political Violence: The Case of Female Suicide Bombers, Alia El-Assar, Anne Hilb and Julia Maskiviker, Political Science.

The Working Landscapes of Iceland: A Visual Study of Appropriate Scale, Sarah Griffis, Lee Lines and Rachel Simmons, Environmental Studies and Art.

The role of pH in salt sensing in rats, Bennett Garfinkel and Steven St. John, Psychology.

The development of poor eating habits in school children: Role of constrained school lunch periods, Morgan Frost and Steven St. John, Psychology.

The effect of oxytocin on taste processing in mice, Shakirra Meghjee and Steven St. John, Psychology.

Identification of proteins interacting with zebrafish Miro, Tina Udwani and Susan Walsh, Biology.

Diamonds in the Rubble: The Women of Haiti -The Importance of Gender Equitable Policies & Practices for Haiti’s Recovery, Andrew Padgett and Tonia Warnecke, Economics.

Share Your Memories - Rollins 125th Anniversary Reflections, Alia Alli, Jennifer Ritter and Wenxian Zhang, Archives.