Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program

Student and Faculty in lab

The Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program

At Rollins the emphasis is always on the student.  The Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in high-level scholarly research and scholarship that is typically only available at the graduate-school level.  The anticipated outcome of every project is a peer-reviewed publication or the professional equivalent (for scholarship in the arts) co-authored by the student and faculty member.

The Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program welcomes creativity, and students in all majors can participate.

The purpose of the Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program is to involve students in close collaboration with faculty.  Students and faculty work together to develop their proposal for a unique research or scholarship project in the faculty member’s field.  Each year a faculty committee reviews the proposals, and funding is awarded based on the quality of the proposal.

During 2009, the Rollins Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program, led by program director Thomas Moore, Archibald Granville Bush Chair of Science, marked its 10-year anniversary.

Since the program’s inception, close to 350 students working in partnership with 77 different faculty representing 24 disciplines have participated in high-level original collaborative undergraduate scholarship.   In its first year, eight faculty members from five departments worked with 29 students. That year, only one project was funded from outside of the Division of Science and Mathematics.  By the end of 2009, Rollins invested nearly $1.5 million in this program.