Employer Resources

Getting Started and Hiring Student Workers:


2012 Supervisor Training Presentation

This presentation was made to all student employee supervisors and explains the reasoning behind the new student employment system, the benefits associated with it, the changes supervisors can expect, and the tools the OSE will provide to help supervisors be successful throughout the tranisition.


Supervisor Hiring Checklist

A step by step guide for hiring student employees (work study and non-work study). This checklist includes the general steps for hiring (or rehiring) a specific student, as well as posting an open position online. We encourage supervisors to print out the checklist as a reference.


Application Website User Guide for Supervisors

A How-To guide for posting a student job online, reviewing student applicants, and hiring a student/students. This guide includes screenshots to help supervisors navigate the new application portal.


Helping Your Student Workers be Successful:


Orientation Checklist

A general guide for supervisors to use for new student employee orientation and training. It is beneficial to provide clear expectations early, as the training a student receives on the first day of work will set the tone of the employment experience.


Handbook for Student Employees

This student handbook has a wealth of information for new student workers. We encourage supervisors to have student employees review the handbook at the beginning of their employment experience and to refer to it throughout.


8 Ways to Best Help Your Student Workers

These tips were put together by Noel-Levitz, Inc. We encourage you to put these best practices to use as they will improve student worker performance, and more importantly help students get the most out of their on-campus job.


Termination Procedures

Procedures are outlined for voluntary resignations, as well as involuntary terminations of student employees.



Office Of Student Employment
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*Located on the 2nd floor of the Warren Administration building