Steps to Take Before Working

Review Student Employee Expectations and Information:


We have created a helpful Student Employee Handbook which will give you information about the different types on on-campus employment at Rollins, the expectations that will be placed on you as a student employee, and useful guides that will help you in your on-campus job. Students should review the handbook before applying for a job on campus, and throughout their employment with the College. This tool will help you make the most out of your on-campus employment experience.


Complete New Hire Paperwork:


Before starting to work in any on-campus jobs, students must visit the Office of Student Employment (OSE) to complete the necessary new hire paperwork listed below.

Please note: U.S. resident students are required to complete their new hire forms only once during their college career. International students are required to update their tax information annually.


  • Student Employment New Hire Paperwork Checklist – This form should serve as the cover page for your employment paperwork. 

  • Student Employment Application – If you applied online, please print out your application and sign and date the last page.

  • I-9 Form (aka: Employment Eligibility Verification Form) – This form must be completed in person at the Office of Student Employment. You must present original, unexpired ID documents from this list. They can either be one document from List A or one from List B and one from List C.

  • W-4 Form – You must fill out the bottom portion of the W-4 Tax form.

  • Worker's Compensation Form – Please read and complete the bottom portion of the form.

  • Employee Pay Selection Form – You have multiple options to receive your pay, as listed on this form. Please review them and make your selection by initialing your choice and signing the form.

  • Confidentiality StatementPlease follow this link to the Rollins FERPA Frequently Asked Questions webpage. Click on the link on the right hand side of the webpage to complete the FERPA Statement of Understanding.

  • Student Title IX Online Courses – Please follow this link and complete the required online courses. Each course should take less than 35 minutes. You will be required to turn in the certificate of completion that you receive at the end of each course to the OSE. Note: All 3 course certificates must be turned in to the OSE in order to be done.



Office Of Student Employment
1000 Holt Avenue - Box 2786
Winter Park, FL 32789

*Located in the 170 W. Fairbanks Building (1st floor, Career Services suite)