On-Campus Jobs


Types of On-Campus Positions:


There are two different types of on-campus employment at Rollins for undergraduate students: Federal Work Study positions and Rollins Student positions. Both of these types of on-campus student employment involve students assisting departments with their operational needs. The only difference between the two is the funding source and student eligibility.

Certain departments also offer on-campus Graduate Assistantships to Rollins Graduate students.


Federal Work Study Positions:

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a federally-funded financial aid program awarded to students based on their eligibility determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) along with other financial aid criteria. Funding for this program is limited. Students are awarded a specific amount, and the federal government subsidizes the wages to the employer. This means that Rollins pays a portion of the wages and FWS pays the remaining portion.

Federal Work Study positions are available only to those students who have received a letter or email from the Financial Aid Office indicating their work study eligibility for the current academic year. If you have not received this letter or an email from the Office of Financial Aid indicating your work study eligibility, you are not eligible for Federal Work Study positions and will not be considered.

Please Note: The receipt of a financial aid award does not guarantee a job.


Rollins Funded Positions:

Students without federal funding can find jobs in many of the same departments as Federal Work Study students. Rollins departments pay in full for these students' wages, and the conditions of employment are the same as with work study. All Rollins students are eligible to apply for these positions, regardless of financial need. In order to view only Rollins funded positions, choose "Department Funded" in the Student Position Category dropdown of the application website (linked below). This will remove the federal work study positions from your view.


Graduate Assistantships:

Graduate Assistantships vary widely depending on the hiring department. Some pay an hourly rate, while others provide a stipend or tuition assistance. Please check the Rollins student employment website for Graduate Assistantship postings and their individual characteristics.


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