Student Employee Highlights

Meet some of our great student employees!


Saabira Mohamed
October 2012


Saabira is an undergraduate student in her third year of the 3/2 program at Rollins. She has two student jobs on campus, Promotions Director at WPRK-91.5FM (the Rollins radio station), and work-study student in the Management & Executive Education department (M&EE) at Crummer. She has worked for M&EE since her freshman year, and her responsibilities in the office range from general office duties to assisting with various departmental programs. When asked what her favorite aspect of her work study job is she responded, “Working at M&EE has helped me grow personally and professionally. In addition to developing interpersonal skills needed in a small office space, I have learned about what helps a company prosper. I constantly work around modules that teach finance, marketing, human resources, and more."


Saabira Mohamed

Dhara Shah
July 2012


Dhara is a Psychology major working on her senior year at Rollins. She currently works part time as a Student Research Assistant in the Department of Psychology at the Holt School. When asked what she likes most about her job, Dhara said “Working with the faculty and staff has been such a rewarding experience.  I am able to participate in meetings, share my ideas and opinions, and play an active role in seeing through various projects from start to finish. I have also learned how to apply what I've learned in the classroom to a real-world setting. The research experience I've gained has allowed me to conceptualize information, improve my writing, conduct statistical analysis, and collaborate with faculty and staff. This experience will provide me with the tools needed to succeed in the field of Psychology." 


Dhara Shah



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