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Welcome to the Office of Student Employment (OSE)!


We are dedicated to helping students find a job on campus and ensuring that they get the most out of their employment experiences throughout their time at Rollins.

On-campus employment provides a supportive, non-threatening environment where students can gain valuable job skills like communicating effectively with the public, understanding the value of teamwork, learning the significance of personal responsibility and accountability in a work environment, developing time management and computer skills, and building self-confidence. Simply the act of completing the application process for on-campus jobs gives students an opportunity to experience real-world job search scenarios; highlighting the importance of well-developed resumes and cover letters, as well as providing valuable interview experience. Moreover, this process can help connect students to the Office of Career Services much earlier on in their college careers.

We look forward to helping students understand and make the most of the valuable career skills they can gain from their on-campus employment experiences at Rollins College.


The following are three ways that you can assist your students:

  1. Help to ensure your student has the necessary identification documents to complete mandatory employment forms.  The most common issue that students face when hired for a job is not having their original, unexpied I-9 documents with them on campus. Please refer to this list to ensure that your student comes to campus with the federally required ID documents. 

  2. Encourage your students to explore employment options while maintaining balance with their academics.  On average students work eight to twelve hours per week, however balance is the key and individual work committments will vary from student to student.

  3. Talk to your students about their work.  By exploring career paths now, many students are able to identify future goals.  While maintaining employment provides positive financial benefits, the experience also assists students as they explore the myriad of options ahead.


As always, if you have any questions that aren’t addressed here, feel free to contact our office.



Office Of Student Employment
1000 Holt Avenue - Box 2786
Winter Park, FL 32789

*Located in the 170 W. Fairbanks Building (1st floor, Career Services suite)