Benefits of On-Campus Employment

 Did You Know?

  • Almost one-third of recent college graduates said that doing more internships or working part-time during college would have made them more successful in their careers. - The Wall Street Journal
  • The top 2 most heavily weighted attributes employers seek from recent college graduates are: internships and employment during college. - The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Completing online student employee self-reflections in Foxlink will help you identify and record examples of transferable skills you are gaining, which will help you in your post-graduation job search!


Benefits of On-Campus Employment

  • Practicing professional behavior and learning how organizations function
  • Gaining the work-related experience that employers value and strengthening your candidacy for after-graduation jobs
  • Achieving personal growth and building confidence as you take on new challenges
  • Practicing employment interviewing skills and going through the hiring process
  • Experiencing being an independent learner
  • Learning to balance multiple roles and responsibilities (i.e. student/worker)
  • Supervisors can be a source for letters of recommendation
  • Gaining skills that employers value:  
    • Leadership
    • Problem solving skills
    • Written communication skills
    • Ability to work in a team
    • Analytical/quantitative skills
    • Strong work ethic
    • Verbal communication skills
    • Initiative

Source: Job Outlook 2013, National Association of Colleges and Employers






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