RA. X-Club brother. Varsity Rower. Wooer?

Junior Marc Bremmer shares his thoughts on StrengthsQuest, below.

What were your five strengths from the StrenghQuest assessment?

Communication, Woo, Adaptability, Developer, and Positivity

What was your initial reaction to your Strengths results?

I was at first surprised because I had expected to have one of the strengths dealing with empathy or relating to other people’s emotions, but as I thought about it and read more into my specific strengths, I became quite proud and agreed with the 5 strengths I received.

How can you use your strengths to help you achieve your academic goals?

A lot of my strengths have to do with interpersonal skills, which can only help me academically to a degree. My communication comes into play a lot during group projects and class discussions, which does help me greatly. My adaptability helps when schoolwork shifts my schedule around based on how much I have accomplished and what is left to be done for the week. Positivity helps me a lot during school because it helps keep my stress down and often I catch myself saying that the work will get done and not to worry about it.

How do you utilize your signature strength in your organization or team?

In my organization my positivity comes in handy when people are having rough days or need something to laugh at. On my team, developer kicks in and I really try and set an example of pushing myself so that other people on the team can push themselves too. 

Take two of your strengths and create a one-sentence statement illustrating how that strength separates you from anyone else.

My ability to go with the flow as an adapter helps me woo others more easily than anyone else.

Which of your strengths do you believe will be most instrumental in helping you fulfill your dreams and desires?

I think interpersonal skills in general are the key to people’s success, but if I had to pick just two of my strengths that deal with those skills it would be communication and positivity. Communication because without the ability to clearly articulate your thoughts and feelings it is difficult to move smoothly in a work setting and my positivity always attracts people and makes people feel good about themselves, which would help me make connections with others.

In what career would you be able to best use your greatest strengths?

I want to go into medicine and all of my strengths would help me work as a team with other doctors, nurses and patients. My positivity, and communication would help with patient care greatly as well.