Get Involved

Get Involved

From student organizations to volunteer opportunities, Rollins offers a multitude of ways to get involved on campus and in the community.

Rollins Students and Friends…

“The engaged campus is unable to separate its unique responsibility for the development of knowledge from the role of knowledge to form the basis for social progress and human equality.”
-Campus Compact

Get Involved isn’t just a slogan at Rollins… it’s a way of life.

Rollins College educates students for global citizenship and responsible leadership. This is our mission and we believe that your education begins the very first time you step foot on campus. Your education will be all encompassing. From Chaucer to clubs and organizations, facilitating difficult dialogues with friends to organizing a demonstration, and from studying forensics to fraternity and sorority recruitment, you will be challenged to think, grow and lead. Every experience, every moment, every success and failure will be a part of your education for the next several years. And it’s this education that will create the strong foundation for the rest of your life.

Education is all-encompassing and the way to truly take advantage of all Rollins has to offer it to simply Get Involved. Research shows that if you get involved on campus and participate in at least one student organization, service immersion, or cultural activity you will retain at a higher rate and feel more connected to the campus. The more you get involved the higher your satisfaction will be. 80% of what students learn in college comes from their peers. And if you speak to most leaders on campus you will learn that they are learning and growing in ways they never could have imagined before coming to Rollins because of their on-campus involvement and community engagement.

Combining your classroom experiences with co-curricular activities will allow you to become a well-rounded student and professional who is ready intellectually and emotionally to make a positive impact on humanity. SO I ask you to get involved and be a part of our community of learners and leaders. There are hundreds of experiences to chose from. Some of these include hosting your own radio show through WPRK, engagement in cultural and spiritual organizations, participation in service-learning courses and projects, running for a position in the Student Government Association, organizing a campus concert or comedian through REP (Rollins Entertainment Programs), applying for the Bonner Leaders Program, becoming Safe Zone trained, engaging in a fraternity or sorority and mentoring students in Rollins’ Upward Bound Program.

Get Involved and be prepared for an incredible transformation that will help you use your education to create change in yourself and our world.

Yours in Community,


Micki Meyer
Lord Family Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Community