Faculty & Staff

Amy Armenia

Associate Professor and Department Chair

 T: 407.646.2277

B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst
M.A., Ph.D. Sociology, University of Massachusetts

Amy Armenia's research focuses on the intersection of family and work, looking both at how parents balance work and family, and the challenges and contradictions faced by those who do paid care work (e.g., child care, elder care, health care).

Amy McClure

Assistant Professor

T: 407.975.6424

B.A. in Sociology, Florida Atlantic University
Certificate in Women's Studies, Florida Atlantic University
M.S. in Sociology, North Carolina State University
Ph.D., North Carolina State University

Amy McClure's research is focused on examining the processes under which social inequalities are created, maintained, and reproduced within a variety of contexts. Her most current research project involves a qualitative examination of atheist and Pagan parenting in the Bible Belt South. Other scholarly interests include gender, race, social class, sexualities, families, microsociology, popular culture, religion, feminist theory, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Matthew Nichter

Assistant Professor

T: 407.646.2286

B.A. - Philosophy, Brown University
M.A. - Sociology, University of Wisconsin
Ph.D. - Sociology, University of Wisconsin (expected 2014)

Matthew Nichter is a historical sociologist whose research focuses on African-American protest.  His doctoral dissertation is entitled "Rethinking the Origins of the Civil Rights Movement: Radicals, Repression, and the Black Freedom Struggle, 1930-1970."







Helen Byrd

Administrative Assistant

T: 407.646.2670

Rollins College
Department of Sociology
1000 Holt Ave. - 2761
Winter Park, FL 32789

T. 407.646.2670
F. 407.646.2325
Office: Cornell Social Sciences