Interim Measures to Protect Safety and Well-Being

After a report is made, the College will provide interim support and reasonable protection against further acts of misconduct, harassment or retaliation as well as provide services and resources to provide a safe educational and employment environment.  For a listing of services and resources, see the Campus and Community Resources section of this policy above.

After the initial review of the report, the College will determine the necessity and scope of any interim measures.  All individuals are required to report instances of another individual’s failure to abide by any restrictions imposed by an interim measure.  The College will take action to enforce a previously implemented interim measure.


The range of interim measures includes:

1)      No contact order: The complainant or respondent may request, or the College may impose, communication and contact restrictions to prevent further potentially harmful interaction. 


2)      Academic, Employment or Living Arrangements:  The complainant or respondent may request a change in academic, employment or living situation after a report of sexual misconduct or harassment. Upon request, the College will inform the complainant or respondent of the options and will accommodate the request if those changes are reasonably available.  In some cases the College may initiate these changes without a request.  These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Changing class or work schedule, including the ability to stop a course without penalty
  • Limiting an individual’s or organization’s access to certain College facilities or activities pending resolution of the matter
  • Granting a voluntary leave of absence
  • Providing an escort to ensure safe movement between classes and activities
  • Providing academic support services

 3)      Emotional Support: The College will provide counseling services through the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services or Employee Assistance Program or assist in providing a referral to off campus agencies.  Counseling and emotional support is available to any member of the College community.

Title IX Coordinator:

Maria Martinez
Assistant Vice President for HR
Box 2718
Carnegie Hall
Rollins College
Winter Park, Florida 32789
Phone: 407-646-2577

Deputy Title IX Coordinator:

Dr. Karen Hater
Dean of Students
Box 2776
Warren Administration
Rollins College
Winter Park, Florida 32789
Phone: 407-646-2345