Safe @Rollins – Online Courses for Staff & Faculty

A workplace free from harassment fosters a positive work environment, builds a sense of community, and reinforces the shared mission that is unique to educational institutions. These learning programs offer courses to help learners recognize and prevent unlawful harassment.

New faculty, staff and administrators must complete these online courses prior to their start date at the College:

Learning Module 1: Campus SaVE Act

Courses: Two options are offered. College administrators, managers and department heads must complete both sections.

A. CS-102 Introduction to the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act – Faculty & Staff (2016-2017)

This course explores this particular federal law which affects students and professionals on college campuses. Learn how to recognize and prevent sexual violence at our institution. 

B. CS-201 Reporting, Training, and Policy Implications of the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act - Administrators (2016-2017)

This course provides additional information and responsibilities related to the Campus SaVE Act specific to campus administrators. 

Learning Module 2: Workplace Harassment Prevention

A. Workplace Harassment: Fundamentals – Higher Ed (2016-2017) 

Learn to recognize and prevent unlawful harassment and retaliation as they occur in educational settings. Explore various facets of workplace harassment prevention through multiple scenarios, clear explanations, and creative knowledge checks. *Also available in Spanish 

B. OPTIONAL: Workplace Harassment: What Would You Do? – Higher Ed (2016-2017)

The course offers an in-depth look at harassment issues, using immersive scenarios that put you into real-world harassment situations.  Explore key concepts in harassment prevention by making decisions for your characters and experiencing the consequences.