Safe @Rollins –Online Courses for Students

Educating students on sexual assault and harassment helps them recognize and avoid inappropriate behavior and empowers our student body to prevent sexual violence and harassment on campus. A campus free from harassment fosters a positive learning environment, builds a sense of community, and reinforces a culture of respect and safety for all. 

Students need to complete the following online courses:

Learning Module 1. Lasting Choices: Preventing Sexual Assault [REQUIRED]

SH-101-H Lasting Choices: Protecting Our Campus From Sexual Assault (2016-2017)

Learn about the role of alcohol in sexual assault, how to report incidents at your campus, and intervention strategies if you see someone in need of help.

Learning Module 2. Show Some Respect! Prevent Harassment [REQUIRED]

SH-110-H Show Some Respect! (2016-2017) 

This course will walk you through the characteristics of respectful relationships. It also shares tips on how to report harassing behaviors involving fellow students.

Learning Module 3. Healthy Relationships and Dating Violence [REQUIRED]

SH-120-H Healthy Relationships (2016-2017)

Understand the difference between a healthy relationship and one that shows signs of abuse. Learn how to get help for yourself of your friends.

Learning Module 4. Alcohol Awareness and Prevention [REQUIRED]

SH-131-H Know Your Limit (2016-2017)

Drinking alcohol is a common rite of campus life. This course stresses the importance of moderation, risks related to binge drinking, and ways to help if a friend has had too much to drink.

Learning Module 5. Campus SaVE Act [OPTIONAL]

CS-101 Introduction to the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act – Students (2016-2017)

Learn how to recognize and prevent incidents of sexual violence at our institution.

To access these online courses, please follow these instructions.