Wedding Ceremonies

The Knowles Memorial Chapel may be reserved for wedding ceremonies.

History of the Knowles Memorial Chapel

Knowles Memorial ChapelRollins College motto "Fiat Lux" is a phrase from the opening lines of the book of Genesis: "Let there be light." The motto is concretized through the imposing entrance to the chapel, which was the generous gift of Frances Knowles Warren in memory of her father Francis Bangs Knowles. Francis Knowles was one of the several ardent men and women of the Congregational Church whose vision for the first college in the State of Florida resulted in Rollins College in 1885. Francis Knowles was one of the founders and original trustees of Rollins College. Construction of the chapel was begun in March 1931 and it was dedicated March 19, 1932. At that time it was located in the center of the campus. The architect of the chapel was the famous ecclesiastical architect, Ralph Adams Cram, of the firm of Cram and Ferguson of Boston. Cram also designed the Church of St. John the Divine in New York City and the chapel on the campus of the University of Notre Dame.



Rules for Use of the Chapel for Weddings

Knowles Memorial Chapel WeddingEligibility:

To use the chapel for a wedding, either the bride or groom must be:
(1)  a graduate of the college, either undergraduate or graduate schools; or
(2)  a son or daughter of a graduate; or
(3)  a full-time student at Rollins in any one of its degree-granting programs.



The Dean of the Chapel is responsible for all chapel services and usually officiates at Protestant weddings. However, ordained ministers, priests, or rabbis in good standing in their religious communities are welcome to officiate. The person performing the ceremony is responsible for conducting the rehearsal. A notary or judge is not permitted to perform wedding ceremonies in this Chapel.



Joanne Granberry


Wedding Receptions

Rollins College does not have space suitable to meet the requirements of wedding receptions.  A list of nearby facilities that may be available for rent is provided below:

Weddings Not Held In Chapel

Weddings held outside of the chapel must follow the Rollins College Wedding Guidelines.


To be eligible to hold your wedding on Rollins campus, either the bride or groom must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be a Graduate of Rollins College
  • Be a son or daughter of a Graduate of Rollins College
  • Be a full-time student in any one of its degree granting programs of Rollins College
  • Be a current faculty or staff member
  • Be a son or daughter of a current faculty or staff member

Planning Guidelines

Please review the below guidelines to ensure Rollins can accommodate your wedding.

  • Weddings can only take place during the winter and summer break on Rollins Campus. Weddings cannot be scheduled on a holiday.
  • Rollins can accommodate weddings up to 100 guests maximum.
  • If an outdoor space is reserved for the wedding a covered rain back up area large enough to accommodate all guests must also be reserved and rental fees will apply for both spaces.
  • Rollins cannot provide private dressing rooms or staging areas for the wedding party.
  • Rollins requires liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars.
  • Due to limited parking on campus wedding guests must park in the SunTrust parking garage. Rollins cannot provide reserved parking for any guests or members of the wedding party.
  • Rollins does not provide a wedding coordinator the day of the wedding to oversee the event.
  • Any planned decorations or any planned changes to the rental space needs to be preapproved by the Office of Scheduling and Event Services.
  • Rollins College does not have space suitable to meet the requirements of wedding receptions.


Food and Beverage

  • Rollins Catering Services must be used for any food or beverages.
  • Any alcohol that will be served during the wedding must be approved by Scheduling and Event Services and be catered by a licensed approved third party vendor. Please contact Scheduling and Event Services for a list of pre-approved vendors and other restrictions.

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