Promote an Event

Once your event location is confirmed through Scheduling and Event Services, you may promote your event in multiple ways. Please be sure to follow the College's marketing guidelines (where applicable) when promoting your event. Please refer to the Office of Marketing & Communications for more information.


Cornell Campus Center Tabling

Each weekday, between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. there are four tables set up in front of the Cornell Campus Center (CCC) that are available for student groups and departments use; each table comes with two chairs. To allow equal opportunity, only one table may be reserved per organization, per day. These tables must be reserved in advance, and should be used for purposes such as information booths, event promotions, fundraisers, etc. You may request a Cornell Campus Center Table through the Virtual EMS request form.



R-Net is the place to go to for the latest College news and information. As the internal hub for students, faculty and staff, R-Net features news about campus programs, events and initiatives as well as student, faculty and staff achievements.

  • If your department or student organization has an event or program to promote to other members of the campus community, complete the Submit News Form.
  • Please provide the information at least 10 working days in advance.
  • If your event is open to the general public and you believe it may be of interest to the media, please provide the information at least four weeks in advance. A member of the News Bureau will contact you for more information. Calendar

Once space for your event has been confirmed with Scheduling and Event Services, please complete the Online Calendar Promotion Form to promote your event on the calendar. By using this form, you will have the ability to include a detailed description of your event and attach relevant documents, photos and videos.


The Sandspur Newspaper

The Sandspur of Rollins College was founded in 1894, making it the oldest college newspaper in Florida. The Sandspur is published weekly on Fridays and maintains a circulation of 1,000.

The Sandspur may publish event promotions.

  • To submit your request, complete the Submit news form on their Web site.
  • Note: Submissions must be received in The Sandspur offices no later than 2:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to publication.


Signs and Banners

  • Political signage is not permitted on campus, unless it is related to a sponsored educational event.  For example: “Joe Doe for President – meeting in the ABC Room.”  Signs that suggest that Rollins College supports a political candidate or a political party are prohibited and will be removed from campus immediately.

  • Signs posted related to campus events and special activities are monitored by various departments of the College in order to comply with policies and procedures.  Any unit of the college, including individual faculty, staff and students is encouraged to express concerns with posted signs and banners through the respective  administrative organization.

  • No permanent signs or banners can be posted on buildings.  The designated amount of time a banner or sign can be posted will vary and such needs to be arranged through Facilities.

  • Bulletin Boards are the preferred method to advertise upcoming events; however, if permission is received from facilities to hang a sign or banner elsewhere, a non-destructive adhesive such as painters tape or sticky tack should be used.  Facilities can provide painters tape as needed.

  • Corrugated signs (a.k.a. yard signs) are permitted on campus for informational purposes but content should be limited to the nature of the event -- e.g. event time, arrows pointing to location, announcement of the event, etc. However, these signs must be removed when the event is over. 

  • Rollins' sponsored signs (realty-sign style) are not permitted on the side of the road or in the medians of Fairbanks, Holt, New York, or Orange Avenues. The City of Winter Park will tolerate realty-style signs, for directional purposes, in the interior grassy area (Rollins side) next to the sidewalks, for a short span of time (less than 12 hours).

  • Banners on buildings such as the SunTrust garage, the Holt School Building, the Lawrence Center and other college-owned facilities that face a public road do not require a City permit if the message is to guide or direct people. However, this waiver from the City of Winter Park for such signage/banners is allowed on the day of the event only.

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