Event Insurance Requirements


Rollins Event Insurance Requirements

In providing activities that not only provide visibility for the College, but also reach out to the local community, the College recognizes the exposure to losses through liability. With this in mind, the following classification of events will be required to submit a certificate of insurance:

  • Invited/Sponsored guests or organizations
  • Professional Organizations
  • Off Campus
  • Summer Conference
  • Athletic Events

The external organization is required to provide a certificate of insurance 15 days prior to their event on campus. Rollins College requires liability insurance from third parties wishing to use College facilities for meetings, conferences, seminars, weddings or other special events.  

  1. Such policies shall name the College as an additional insured. The external organization must provide the College with a current certificate of insurance. These certificates shall contain provision that coverage afforded under the policies shall not be cancelled or changed until at least 30 days prior written notice has been given the College.
  2. The required coverage is one million dollars combined bodily injury and property damage coverage, naming Rollins College as additional insuredPlease note for athletic events or Summer Conferences the required coverage is three million dollars. The Client is to be insured for the period of the event or program and the Certificate of insurance so described must be filed with the College at least fifteen (15) days prior to the event.

 Obtaining Insurance

Gallagher Program - To access the Gallagher Program please contact Tracy Paladino at Tracy_Paladino@ajg.com or by phone at 303.889.2614. In addition to Gallagher, a certificate of insurance can be purchased from an independent insurance broker.

www.totaleventinsurance.com – Total Event Insurance company is online-based and allows for quick quotes on higher risk events not covered by other insurance companies.