External Event Policies

Thank you for your interest in Rollins College.

Rollins College facilities and grounds are primarily designed and reserved for supporting the educational mission of the institution. Secondarily, a Rollins College facility is used to facilitate related activities of significant interest to the College. The facilities and grounds may also be made available to other external clients for approved purposes.

External Client Rental Procedure

If you are interested in reserving space at Rollins College, please submit a rental request form to Scheduling and Event Services. Please provide as much information on the rental request form as possible.

If you are planning an official Rollins College event, please submit your reservation via the Event Request Form. If you are an external group planning a hosted or sponsored event please contact your sponsoring staff or faculty member to reserve your space and review the Hosted or Sponsored event requirementsIf you are unsure of your Event Classification please contact Scheduling and Event Services.

Prior to submitting your rental request form please review the below policies and requirements to rent facilities on Rollins College.

Rollins College Policies

All users of Rollins College facilities and grounds are subject to the College’s general policies. This includes Rollins no-smoking policy, alcohol policy, non-discrimination policy, and sexual harassment policy.

Please be aware Rollins College facilities are primarily for use by the Rollins College students, faculty and staff during the Academic year. Most external groups can only reserve spaces 21 days in advance during the Academic year. Please be aware that certain rental blackout dates restrictions on spaces may apply.

Contract and Payment Requirements

All external groups will be required to sign a Rollins External Event contract with the Scheduling and Event Services. At the time the contract is signed a non-refundable deposit equal to the facility rental will be required. All other items will be invoiced after the event. Please be aware most external groups may only be contracted 21 days in advance during the Rollins academic school year.

Insurance Requirements

All external groups using Rollins facilities or grounds are required to provide a certificate of insurance at least 15 days prior to their event on campus. Rollins College requires liability insurance from third parties wishing to use College facilities for any external event. Please see below for details regarding the insurance. Please note if you are planning a Summer Conference please click here for insurance requirements.

  • Such policies shall name Rollins College as additionally insured. The external organization must provide the College with a current certificate of insurance. The certificate shall contain provision that coverage afforded under the policies shall not be cancelled or changed until at least 30 days prior written notice has been given to the College.
  • The required coverage is at minimum one million dollars combined bodily injury and property damage coverage, naming Rollins College as additionally insured. The Client is to be insured for the period of the event or program and the Certificate of Insurance so described must be filed with the College at least (15) days prior to the event.  For more information on obtaining an insurance certificate please click here.
  • If you are planning an athletic or theatre event, please note the insurance coverage required coverage is three million dollars combined bodily injury and property damage naming Rollins College as additionally insured.

Catering Requirements

Rollins Catering Services is Rollins College’s exclusive Caterer and must be used for all external events if food and beverages are being served. Please note reservations must be made through Scheduling and Event Services prior to confirming arrangements with Rollins Catering Services.

Audio Visual

Many of Rollins College classrooms, auditoriums and multi-use rooms have permanent projectors and screens that are included in the room rental. Any additional audio visual equipment that is not already present in the room can be supplied through our Class Tech department.

Parking for Event Guests

Parking for guests is not available on Campus. Event Parking is available at the SunTrust Parking garage, located off Lyman Avenue. Parking garage fees apply.

Rental Black-Out Dates

Some dates are unable to be accommodated for external clients interested in renting space at Rollins. These dates consist of:

•  Family Weekend: Typically first weekend in November

•  Alumni Reunion: mid-March

•  Commencement Weekend: First two weekends in May

•  First-Year Student Orientation: mid-August

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