Event Scheduling Procedures

Requesting Space/Scheduling an Event

  • Members of the campus community are encouraged to request space for an event through Scheduling and Event Services at least 10 days before the event date.
  • For Faculty members who wish to hold conferences on the Rollins campus, please provide Scheduling and Event Services with written (preferably an email) approval by the department head and Dean of the Faculty.
  • Use Virtual EMS to request space for an event.
  • Student events requiring a space reservation on campus will need to be submitted for approval through the GetInvolved website. Please access that website here.
    • Note: Space needed within a short period of time (two or three days) should be requested via telephone by calling 407.646.2541. The requestor should note that resources/services such as tables and chairs, A/V, easels, etc. cannot be guaranteed on late notice.
    • All outdoors event organizers are responsible for making a rain back-up plan. Please be aware that campus events with large setup needs must have a rain call made 36 hours in advance. All other events will require the rain call to be made 24 hours (at least 1 business day) in advance. Events without rain calls or back-up locations may be cancelled due to inclement weather.


Requesting Resources to Support an Approved/Scheduled Event

The Office of Scheduling and Event Services is responsible for coordinating all resources needed for an event. Consequently, sponsors of events are asked to adhere to the following procedure:

  1. Coordinate all needed resources for an event via Scheduling and Event Services

    • One can do so by providing the necessary information when requesting the space or by calling or sending an e-mail once the event has been confirmed.
    • Please do not call the facilities department or submit a facilities work order via the web for a scheduled event. Requests to support events need to be processed through Scheduling and Event Services as part of the event.
  2. Submit all needed resources

    • Resources for minor events must be submitted at least four days before the event.
    • Resources for major events must be submitted 14+ days before the event.
    • Note: “Resources”, in relation to events, is defined as all that is needed from the College to support the event. For example: tables, chairs, A/V equipment, technology support, trash cans, access to facilities, housekeeping, staging, electrical boxes, hanging of banners, easels, rental of supporting equipment such as tents, special parking needs, etc.
  3. Add your event to the Rollins.edu online calendar

    • After you receive a confirmation e-mail from Scheduling and Event Services, you can promote your event on the Rollins.edu online calendar. That website is available here.
    • By using this form, you will have the ability to include a detail description of your event and attach documents, photos and videos that are relevant to your event.
  4. Arrange catering for your event

Requesting Space for the Following Academic Year

  • The Associate Director for Scheduling and Event Services will solicit event requests in the Spring prior to the following academic year.
  • When finalizing these requests, the Rollins Scheduling Priority (below) will be followed

Rollins College Scheduling Priority: (during the academic year)

      1. Any event involving the President or Board of Trustees and annual major events held by the college that follow a particular date pattern (Commencement, Convocation, Family Weekend, Reunion, Halloween Howl, etc.)
      2. Events that support the academic mission of the college, and involve the Rollins campus community (faculty, staff and students and/or prospective students)
      3. Non-academic events whose target audience includes the students (prospective students), faculty, and staff
      4. Auxiliary events for profit or sponsored and external groups

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