Each R-Card has each of the capabilities listed below. Please click on the links under the “Features” section for more information on how the R-Card can work for you.

Access Control

In efforts to keep our campus secure yet provide a convenience to cardholders who need access to buildings, the R-Card can facilitate the need by providing cardholders a way to get in an out of buildings, rooms, parking facilities and athletic facilities with the swipe of a card.

Accounts for Purchasing

Why risk losing your cash, checks or credit cards when you can simply use the R-Card for all of your purchases on campus? It is easier, not to mention less costly, to replace an R-Card than it is to replace cash, checks or credit cards. Allow your card to be more flexible for you!


This security feature helps us identify each individual who owns a card by name, photo and purpose on campus. It helps protect your identity, especially when making purchases, accessing buildings, or making other requests here at Rollins that would require photo identification with your R-Number. It is the official ID card on campus!


In order to take full advantage of what the library has to offer, an R-Card is essential for everything from checking out books to paying for copies or library fines. Need to study late at night, no problem! Swipe your card in the late night access door and get to work.