R-CardThe purpose of the ID card is to officially identify college individuals by displaying and containing features that can point to the cardholder. Below are diagrams of the front and back of the card aided with descriptions of each part of the card.


  1. Rollins Official Logo/Seal

  2. Title Bar – Identifies the card as the official card of Rollins.

  3. Background – Display of a location on Rollins’ campus.

  4. Status – States whether cardholder is a faculty, staff, or student.

  5. Photo – Cardholder’s front photo from shoulders to about 2 in. above the head.

  6. Issue Date – Indicates when the card was printed and issued to the cardholder.

  7. Name – First, middle and last name of cardholder as well as the suffix, if applicable.

  8. R-Number – Official campus identification number.

  9. Barcode – Used for identifying the R-number, primarily in the library.