Access Control

One feature the R-Card provides is the ability to control access to buildings, rooms, athletic facilities and the parking garage based on your status with the college and privileges assigned. Below is a description of each type of access control and how each works.

Type of Access




An access plan is required to access many buildings on campus, including all residential halls. Each of those buildings is equipped with a Blackboard SA2000 or SA3000 reader. The status of the cardholder on campus will determine what access plan will be assigned to the cardholder's record.

Blackboard Reader


Some rooms will require an access plan, or a key, but many residential hall rooms have a VingCard lock by Persona. A privilege is required in order to access these types of doors. Any requests for an access privilege to residential hall rooms will need to be requested through Residential Life. Additional encoding of the card may be required for access.

Persona VingCard lockEncoder

Parking Garage

Much like the building access, an access plan will be required in order to access or exit the garage through the Blackboard SA2000 or SA3000 readers. A valid parking permit will also be required in order to receive parking garage access. For more information, please review the parking information found on the Campus Security website.

Parking lot access